I chopped off and sold women's breasts- confesses reformed Nairobi criminal

A reformed criminal has stunned the nation after revealing gory details of how he spent two years selling chopped-off women’s breasts in Nairobi.

In an exclusive interview with KTN, Boniface Kimanyano, narrated how he lured women - mostly commercial sex workers – before severing their breasts.

“We would roam around various corners of the city picking women and chopping off their breasts for money,” revealed Kimanyano in a story that has shocked the nation.

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Kimanyano said they mostly operated along Koinange Street and downtown areas frequented by sex workers.

“We lured the women into our trap before cutting off their breasts and selling them,” he said during the live interview.

“We used some chemical, ‘flexor’, that made women sleep, then we would descend on them.”

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Flexor is used to treat muscle pain but if misused, could lead to dizziness and fainting.

“There are these people who gave us orders, and according to them, this was a booming business. Ours was to simply get the breasts, and take them to a spot at Jevanjee Gardens where the ‘body brokers’ picked them,” he said.

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Kimanyano revealed that the items fetched between Sh100,000 and Sh120, 000 depending on the size.

“The bigger the better, and we were paid depending on the size,” he added.

Kimanyano claimed he ditched the gang after luring three women and cutting off their breasts after realising how brutal. he had been to the women.

Kimanyano admits that the money was good – but it hurt him to see women suffering in his hands.

All these he did while under the influence of drugs.

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“After taking ‘blue Mercedes drugs’ or red devils pills, you could do anything.”

A few months after ditching the trade, he says members of the gang were arrested and prosecuted for colluding with major city hospitals to trade in private parts and other body organs.

“They resorted to getting organs from hospitals and mortuaries after it became difficult to lure women into their traps,” he said.

He suspects someone leaked the information to the police leading to their arrest in 2016.

"Most of my colleagues were arrested in 2016 when news was all over that there was an ongoing sale of private parts in a city hospital," he said.

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