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My resemblance with General Ogolla, Ben Agina's reflections


I first met General Francis Ogolla in 2013 at the Laikipia Airbase, through a military friend.

My friend and I had gone to Nanyuki on an incursion, and on the last day of our trip he told me he would like to introduce me to the base commander of Laikipia. I obliged.

As we walked out of his office, several of his colleagues remarked that we looked alike, the height and looks. Like long lost brothers, we chatted and talked about several things.

Perhaps that is what made us grow a special bond over the years.

We met several times in the course of the my duty as an Editor at Standard Group and as a political advisor at the British High Commission. He asked me to take photos with him, as he jokingly said that it was to confirm that we were brothers.

We had planned to take another photo as he marked one year in office as the CDF. This wasn’t to be.

I cannot forget the few occasions we met at the Zen Gardens and just talked about everything but politics.

When he was in a very good mood, he used to call me Janabi (Prophet) because of my middle name Isaiah, we would laugh before settling down to a chit chat.

Such was the cheerful, lighthearted and upbeat nature of the late general that endeared him to all. It comes as no surprise that he was named the “Diplomacy General” by several media outlets due to this approach to issues.

In memory of General Francis Ogolla, we gather our thoughts and hearts to pay tribute to a remarkable soul who touched the lives of many with his strength, wisdom, and unwavering dedication.

The pain and general sadness that engulfed the country, the open tears in the rank and file of the military, the shock among the officers, the united political class and the mass pouring of grief across the country is testament that Kenya has lost a great leader.

His love for the Church was evident on his dedicated building of ACK Nduru Church, and generous contributions to churches around like  St Andrew Church in Hawinga.

The number of children he sponsored are in hundreds and several social projects. 

General Ogolla exemplified leadership in its truest form, leaving an indelible mark on those who had the privilege of knowing him like me.

Beyond his military role, General Ogolla’s warmth and kindness endeared him to all who crossed his path, fostering bonds that transcended mere acquaintance.

His legacy of integrity and selflessness will inspire me for generations, reminding me of the enduring impact one individual can have on the world.

Though gone, his spirit lives in the memories and hearts of those he leaves behind. Fare thee well, General Ogolla.

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