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Chlorpromazine might be the new drug in town

 Chlorpromazine tablets. [File, Standard]

There is an issue of drug abuse and misuse in our Kenyan hospitals. Chlorpromazine is a drug, also known as cosmos. It is used as a treatment for schizophrenia, psychotic disorders, nausea, severe anxiety, violent impulsive behaviour and vomiting. 

This drug helps to adjust the levels of dopamine and other chemicals available in your brain. In the streets, it is going by the name ‘C-pill’. There are still questionable ways on how the drug is getting to our streets. 

There are many side effects of these drugs on one’s body from loss of body weight to hormonal imbalance, to melanin imbalance, skin rashes and skin reactions from too much UV light and many other side effects. 

I have seen many youths and kids from the streets using this drug as a stimulant in their quest to ‘get high.’ There seems to be a supply in the market for this drug which is very dangerous if consumed unprescribed by a doctor. 

These drugs can affect your sleeping patterns or result in nightmares. Combining chlorpromazine with other street drugs seems like fun but this puts your sex life in danger. People have reported cases of having difficulty in orgasm where no ejaculation comes out. 

For girls, they may experience lighter periods or no periods at all. Chlorpromazine can affect your fertility. You may feel very tired and woozy and this might also affect your eyesight, which might in turn affect your education. 

An overdose can lead to severe health consequences like confusion, seizures, irregular heartbeat and even coma. The abuse of these drugs may have long-term neurological consequences, affecting cognitive functions and memory. 

An abuse of chlorpromazine can result in psychological dependence on these drugs resulting in detrimental effects on mental health. Abruptly stopping chlorpromazine after prolonged use or abuse can lead to withdrawal symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, anxiety, insomnia, and a return of the original psychiatric symptoms. 

The government should take the upper hand in eliminating the unprescribed use of meditation because they are the only ones having complete control of these drugs.  

It is our responsibility to ensure that some of these drugs are used for their intended purposes and not misused. Let us stop the supply of these drugs to the streets for the sake of the future generation. 

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