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Reducing microwave dependency in food preparation

Health & Science

By Halima Gladys

Lifestyle has made food preparation become a minute business, thanks to the microwave oven. Heating food, in itself, can result in some nutrient loss, but using microwaves to heat food introduces the additional problem of the ‘microwave effect’. Thus, apart from losing essential nutrients, the food may become less palatable.

Studies have shown though that the newer digital microwaves if properly used, do not change the content of foods.Due to the changes in climate and depleted soils that we grow our food, it is more advisable to cook more traditionally, if only to retain great taste.

The term ‘you are what you eat’ is true reflection of the statement in every sense. We can survive the microwave dependency by making few lifestyle adjustments such as; planning ahead to remove whatever meal from the freezer early, and avoid defrosting by force.

Some foods, like soups can be made in bulk and frozen in recommended bags and containers. They can be taken out in time before a meal, then defrost in a sink of water. When thawed enough, heat it normally from your jiko. An ideal alternative to microwaving food may be the toaster, which is a quick and safer way to heat food. However, this is not to say you need to throw away your microwave. But the less dependent you are on it, the better.

Preparing meals in advance on days you are busy is a good way to go. Also, try eating more raw vegetables, if properly cleaned. Never use the microwave in preparation of baby food.And as you use the microwave, keep your distance, until the timer sounds its ready for removal.

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