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Five ways to spruce up your bedsitter

 How to spruce up your bedsitter (Photo: iStock)

Bedsitters are in high demand, and not just among students. They offer an alternative and more affordable space for people starting out in life and looking to be more financially independent, as well as people downsizing when finances get shaky.

Although they're not always as spacious as other houses, there's still a lot you can do with what's available.

Bedsitters that haven't been spruced up can sometimes have that basic, hostel feel that isn't very welcoming. Whether you're a student or someone who's already working, these are some ways you can turn your bedsitter into a home you'll be proud of:

Play with colours

Bringing in colour is a simple but amazing decor secret that never fails. Colours outside neutral shades like beige and grey enhance how the house looks visually, as well as bring a more vibrant feel to a place that once felt boring.

In instances where you won't be able to paint your walls a different shade or add wallpaper whatever the reasons may be, what you can do is switch up other areas like your curtains and furniture.

Combine different textures

Texture also plays a part in making a room look more interesting. This helps because it looks more eye-catching and fun as compared to a room with just smooth, flat textures.

You could break the monotony by adding some textured pillowcases or even bedding. Another interesting twist to add texture is playing around with artistic pieces like sculptures and shelves.

Add extra lighting

Lighting isn't always the centre of attention but, it has the power to change how everything looks. Often with bedsitters, there is a single source of light at the centre of the room which sometimes makes them look congested.

A simple way to change this is by introducing more sources of light like lamps and other types of decorative lights. You will instantly feel the difference in the evening when you have different sources of light opening up the room.

Get a mini couch

Most bedsitters are small with barely any room for anything else other than a bed and a few things here and there. However, with the right layout, you can squeeze in a mini couch.

This addition doesn't just make your house look better. It adds extra comfort for you since you're not sitting on the bed or on a hard chair all the time.

And, it also makes your house feel more welcoming when you have guests over because then they won't have to deal with the discomfort of sitting on your bed when there's nowhere else to sit.

Go minimalist

Sometimes the best thing to do is to have a few impactful pieces. One mistake that bedsitter tenants make is overcompensating by filling up the space with as many things as possible.

Try out the route of simplicity if you have too many things going on so that it no longer has that busy and overwhelming vibe. Your space will feel spruced up without spending a single coin.

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