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Six ways to care for combination skin

Skin Care
 Always wash your face before going to bed to free your pores (Shutterstock)

Who wouldn’t want to have skin as smooth and fresh like that of a baby? That is what we always strive for by investing in skin routines and a range of skincare products to help us achieve that flawless skin. However, this whole process can be put to a halt with the different phases we go through in life like pregnancy, puberty,  and menopause. Also, use of certain drugs and having some medical conditions can affect our skin.

All we can do is hope that we are using the right products and taking proper care of our skin inside out to ensure our skin is at its best all the time. Combination skin may not be the worst thing that can ever happen in your life but it can surely put a damper to your self-esteem. For those who understand the struggle, a night out can turn into a nightmare the following day if proper skin care is not adhered to.

Before putting the cart before the horse, let us take it back a little and understand the meaning of combination skin. If you’re not sure whether or not you fall into that category, these attributes will help you shut that case once and for all.

You will find that some parts of your face are oily while others are normal. You get both dry patches and breakouts at the same time or have large visible pores on your nose. If this is the case, you have combination skin and this is what you need to do:

Clean your face at least twice a day 

Make sure you use a cleanser twice a day. In the morning and evening before going to bed to remove the dust and dirt that settled on your skin during the day. Cleansing your face ensures that your skin is clean. Make sure you pat dry with a towel and don’t rub your face while wiping or this will irritate your skin.

 Always hydrate, your skin needs all the water it can get (Shutterstock)

Staying hydrated is important for all skin types, this cannot be stressed enough. Water keeps your skin healthy and helps maintain a soft and moisturized skin. This also helps in eliminating toxins in your body that might affect your skin and the result is flawless and ageless skin.


This is the only way can always ensure your face is not dry. It is important to find a moisturizer that can be used on both dry and oily skin. Use a sunscreen of your own choice after moisturizing. Always make sure to moisturize after washing your face.


This helps remove dead skin and unclog your pores. It is advised to do this once a week. Treat yourself to a skin care day every week. It only takes a maximum of an hour and for sure your skin will thank you. Make sure to find a scrub that has no harsh chemicals which would otherwise end up drying your skin or leaving bruises.

Use a face mask 

With the variety of masks available in the market, by now you should know what works best for your skin.  You can use a face mask twice a week. Face masks help hydrate your face, nourish and cleanse your skin. This helps to achieve a deep tissue cleanse. If you use makeup daily, use it every day before doing your make up or in the evening after taking it off.

Avoid harsh products on your skin 

The first rule of thumb when you have sensitive skin is to be very cautious of unknown products. If you don’t know it, don’t use it. If your skin is hypersensitive, always go for medically approved skincare products. Avoid hearsay and products your friends brag about that works for them. People react differently to products.

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