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3 Tips to protect and maintain youthful skin

Skin Care

Add oils to your ­skincare ­regime

“The cold weather can damage the skin’s barrier,” says Dr Nick Lowe, professor of ­dermatology at the Cranley Clinic.

“Harsh winds, rain and cold temperatures will gradually break down the outer layers of skin, important for maintaining the skin’s moisture content.”

Going from cold air into warm buildings can further damage the skin’s top layer, resulting in dry, grey-looking skin.

Rain and wind are very ­aggressive on the surface of skin, but even on a bright sunny day the coldness in the air ­dehydrates your skin and leads to a duller and drier complexion.

So what can you do? “Add oils to your ­skincare ­regime,” says A-list facial expert Nichola Joss who treats Kate Moss and Keira Knightley.

“They’re deeply nourishing and restore lost moisture. Do it every day, or as a once-a-week skin treat.”

Massage the oil into your face firmly with your fingertips for at least a minute to bring the blood to the surface of your skin, leaving it hydrated and radiant.

Turn down the temperature when you have a shower or bath

Just as the cold weather can damage skin, so can too much heating.

“When our radiators are on full blast, there’s less moisture in the air, which zaps moisture from the upper layers of your skin,” Nichola says.

“This can cause skin to look dry and flaky. Bowls of water ­underneath radiators will help to keep moisture in the air.

“When it’s cold, a hot bath seems appealing and nourishing, but it has the opposite effect – hot water dries out the skin.

"So turn down the temperature when you have a shower or bath.”

Remember these areas too

Your hair: Harsh cold winds and heating can leave hair tired and parched. Check for4 products which remove build-up from styling products and gives hair a moisture-boost thanks to a combination of castor oils, coconut and orange extract plus added vitamin E.

The backs of your hands: “Hands suffer terribly in winter and this can be very ageing,” says Dr Nick Lowe, who recommends applying a rich hand cream several times a day – especially after washing up, washing your hands or after being outside.                                                                                                                                             

Lips: “Lips can dry out significantly at this time of year,” says Dr Lowe. Don’t lick them (this dries them out further) and Lip Balm regularly.

Neck: “Don’t stop your skincare at your jawline,” says Dr Lowe. “The neck is just as much at risk from winter conditions as the face, and a dry, wrinkled neck is incredibly ageing.” So extend your face care (cleansers, serums, creams etc) down to your neck and across the top of your chest.

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