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I prophesied William Ruto's presidency 13 years ago, says Bishop Kosgei

  Nominated MP Bishop Jackson Kosgei.

Nominated MP Bishop Jackson Kosgei says the Holy Spirit told him that President-elect William Ruto will one day lead Kenya.

Kosgei traces the prophecy to an event attended by Dr Ruto at Cheptebo in Elgeyo Marakwet in 2009 in what he now says was not preplanned but it just came to him as he shared the word of God with those who were present. The newly Sworn in MP said the President-elect shed tears as he announced what God had told him.

"When I made the revelation that God had shown me that Dr William Ruto will be the President of Kenya 13 years ago, most people did not take this seriously. At the time I did not even know him well because we had only met a couple of times before this particular event," said Kosgei.

He assured Kenyans that the country was in safe hands with Dr Ruto in power and that they should not panic since he was anointed by God to his current position after prayers were conducted by religious leaders who had a vision that he will take over as the Fifth President. Kosgei said that the messaging put across to Kenyans during the political campaigns was about the economy and not tribal which was good for Kenya since unlike past elections no tribe was against the other stating this time round Kenyans are not divided at all.

He said that in the recent election both President Ruto and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga were speaking about economic revival and got votes across the country which he said showed Kenyans had matured politically unlike in the past election cycles.

"I am grateful to President William Ruto for having deemed it fit to have me Nominated by the United Democratic Alliance as an MP, my priority will be to champion the interests of the people living with disability since I know they experience many challenges," said Kosgei.

He explained what he went through in his childhood. He grew up in a large family as his father having served as a Military Officer during the second world war. At first he was growing up normally until he was five years old when he was crippled by Polio which affected his mobility and the ability to be like other children his age.

However, the Bishop never lost hope in life and joined school when he was 20 years. Despite his late start teachers discovered that he was very bright in school completing his Certificate of Primary Education at 27 years old and was now ready to face the world. The Nominated MP went ahead to join Kabarnet High School and he was among the best performers during his time and later joined the Pan African University where he studied Education, Social Sciences and Theology and considers himself to be a philosopher.

"I thought about committing suicide at one point in my life but changed my mind when someone I considered to have everything ended his life by jumping off from a tall building in Nairobi in the 1970s. I discovered that all human beings have some disability in them which can either be physical or internal," said Kosgei.

The Bishop said that after joining school he discovered that he had wasted an entire 20 years which he worked hard to recoup and told God, starting as a choir master and ended up being a bishop in a span of 50 years. He said that he wanted to be a Magistrate or a Lawyer but eventually found himself serving God as a Church Minister for a record 45 years before he retired to join politics.

The Nominated MP first tried his hand in elective politics in 2013 General Election when he contested for the Baringo Senate seat using the United Republican Party(URP) losing to Senator Gideon Moi in that election. Bishop Kosgei has also previously served as the Chairman of the Kenya Film Classification Board where he said that he worked closely with then CEO Ezekiel Mutua to have clean content especially for our children.

Kosgei was once touched by his children when he asked them what they thought about having a disabled father with their answer surprising him since they said while growing up they used to wonder why other fathers were not like him and that he was the best they could ever have. While growing up in his Lembus community in Baringo there was a dislike for foreigners and their religion due to colonialism which led to eviction of community members from their land to be occupied by them and that it was only later in life that he embraced Christianity.

"I discovered early in life that leadership mattered in bringing change in the society and decided to play every little role I could, which enabled me to grow in the church where I served and was amazed that as years went by I touched the lives of many people," said Kosgei.

The Nominated MP appreciates the role played by his predecessors with the enactment of the disability Act of 2012 and has promised to play his role effectively for the next five years championing the interests of the disabled who account for 10 percent of the population.

Kosgei has promised to work with his 348 colleagues in the National Assembly to represent the needs of Kenyans in their diversity in ensuring that we have in place effective legislations that will turn around their lives for the better by the time their term ends in 2027.

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