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Are video games hurting your relationship?

 Some women will find it annoying dating a man who plays video games all the time (Photo: iStock)

A widely reported study conducted in 2020 by the business Divorce Online discovered a link between separation and the hit video game, Fortnite.

They looked through divorce papers and found that at least 200 of them, or around five per cent, had the word “Fortnite” cited as the cause of the divorce.

Although there may be other aspects at play, the primary problem in this situation is that the couple’s video game-playing spouse was overly preoccupied with the game and neglected their relationship.

“My boyfriend cannot maintain employment, he does not cook or clean, he is simply a bum who spends the whole day on the couch and he gets angry when I tell him to look for a job,” complained Sheilla on Twitter.

This has been the scenario most often the men being on the receiving end.

“Sometimes we use this as a scapegoat, they date you knowing you are a gamer but once she moves in, suddenly video games become the problem. In this scenario I mostly blame the ladies for thinking they will change you once you start living together,” says Adam Kurka, an avid gamer.

 Have a talk with your partner on their gaming addiction (Photo: iStock)

Another study from the Journal of Leisure Research found out that 75 per cent of women wished their husbands would spend less time playing and more time being an active part of the relationship and that the constant gaming usually led to arguments.

“If video game addiction is affecting your relationship then it has to go. First, you guys need to sit down and have a serious talk about the future. Where you guys want to be and how to get there. And probably find a hobby which both of you enjoy,” says Will Shi, CEO at Lingon Health.

Like they say, too much of anything is bad for you, so a couple needs to set ground rules and know when addiction kicks in.

Although it might be hard to dictate a change to your partner’s habits, there are some hacks that one can apply to make their partners happy and not let the addiction pose a problem. There is no magical cure-all solution but these tips may help.

What to do? Set gaming time limits together and stick to them.

Ensure you give your partner their undivided attention and make sure they know that gaming is not your priority. Sticking to a well-laid-out realistic plan ensures one gets their chores done without straining.

Instead of dismissing your partner, you should opt for dialogue. Listen to their complaints and take them in stride. Be prepared to face the hard truths while you work on them as well.

More often than not, the complaints stem from wastage of time and ignoring your partner. As a family man, you should ensure that you give your better half their time and ensure you are having a good time while at it. Be imaginative and creative on your date nights or simply adopt some new family rituals.

And to avoid any conflicts, you should involve your partners in your gaming habits. You should invite them into your world by finding games that you can play together.

In return, be willing to participate in activities that are not your favourite as long as your partner enjoys them.

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