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The crazy things wives will do to keep their husbands


Desperate to keep their husbands, wives do all manner of crazy things. Some have been reported to enlist the services of witchdoctors who give them love potions, whilst other resort to myths like literally sitting on foods like chapati before serving it to their men.

One such desperate woman in Konuong’a location, Homa Bay County took to heart advice given to her by friends and her marriage now hangs in the balance. This is after a love position she tried to use on her husband backfired and almost killed him.

Afraid that she was slightly older than her husband, thus reluctantly accepted in her new home, Phoebe Ahenda had to do something to permanently win over her man’s heart, even as his kin tried to advise him otherwise.

The recently married 34-year-old woman nosed around and was told by an acquaintance that one of the easiest ways was to prepare a concoction of traditional love potions with which she was to serve with her husband’s vegetables.

“Ahenda’s problems began after her father-in-law discovered she was older than Opila (her husband) by at least six years. He has been fighting her since then, demanding that his son marries another younger woman,” says Wallace Oketch, a local familiar with the drama.

Much as the smitten husband, Felix Opila defended his wife, insisting that she was his choice, pressure kept mounting and she began living in fear of being kicked out of what looked like a promising marriage.

“Things became so tough that Opila threatened to kill himself if his family continued to interfere and criticise with his choice of wife,” says Oketch.

With pressure mounting and cold war staged against her, it became a desperate moment for Ahenda, forcing her to opt for an even more desperate measure to cement her place in the family.

She took the instructions and served her 28-year-old husband food laced with the alleged love potions, which included herbs, among others, that turned out to be poisonous.

The poor man develop a running stomach, lost consciousness before convulsing. Considering she knew what she had done, Ahenda raised alarm for her kin to come and salvage the situation before she slithered away from the home in fear.

Her whereabouts remain unknown, even as emissaries sent to her home reported that she is not there.

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