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Six easy at home exercises for pregnant women

 There are many benefits of doing some exercises while pregnant (Shutterstock)

Keeping up with a consistent workout schedule when you’re pregnant is never easy. Although it’s tough, there are many benefits of doing some exercises while pregnant including weight control, pain relief and improved blood circulation.

Pregnancy exercises are different from the usual ones because they’re meant to be simpler and lighter to avoid some major complications that can happen from strenuous workouts.

You can do most of these workouts at home so at least you don’t need to rush to find a gym.

Kegel exercises

This is one of the moist important pelvic floor exercises you can do. There are different ways of doing Kegels which include sitting Kegels, standing Kegels and those that are done while lying down.

It all depends on the trimester you are in. They strengthen your pelvic muscles in preparation for delivery and they also help with bladder control.

Check on the correct type of Kegel workout that’s safe for your trimester and ensure you’re positioning yourself properly to prevent any injuries.

Go for a walk

This equipment free workout is suitable for all the trimesters. It’s important because it improves circulation throughout the body and improves your balance, among many other benefits. You should take a stroll and brisk walk around the compound or estate.

Wear comfortable shoes and make sure that you’re brisk walking in an area that has level ground. Another alternative would be matching in place at home.


Squats are beneficial as a pelvic floor exercise and toning exercise. You should make sure that you have the correct form while doing this exercise where your back isn’t curved and your knees aren’t bending past your feet.

 Pregnancy exercises are meant to be simpler and lighter to avoid complications (Shutterstock)
Low impact aerobics

Incorporating a fun, dance aerobic routine to your workout schedule is a breath of fresh air. It takes away the seriousness and allows you to enjoy yourself as you work out.

This type of workout is perfect for staying fit and it’s also great for a strong heart and joints. You can find many videos that instruct you on the safe type of aerobics you should do.

Bicep curls

A good arm workout is also very important. They’re often forgotten but they still need to be part of your workout routines. You need to strengthen your arms in preparation for all the baby lifting you’re going to do.

The correct way to do bicep curls is by stretching your arms out then curling them back in, in a controlled manner while tightening your muscles. You can even go a step further by filling small bottles of water to act as dumbbells in case you don’t have any.


This workout has an awkward name but it’s very beneficial when you’re in the first and second trimester. As the second trimester ends and your weight shifts, this exercise will strain your body.

The birddog workout provides you with enough stability to train your core and legs and it also eases back pain which is a common issue with pregnancy. Make sure you get the proper form before starting this exercise.

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