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Seven inevitable changes the body goes through after delivery


Giving birth is a big deal, especially for the mother’s body which could take time to recover. The level of hormones changes considerably and the uterus state becomes altered.

Carrying a baby for nine months and delivering is not easy so be weary of the changes a mother’s body suffers after delivery.

Bulging and sagging tummy

Many women expect the baby bump to disappear immediately after delivery. It is completely normal to still look pregnant during the first days after delivery. This is because your uterus is still expanded and it takes about six weeks to reduce to its pre-pregnancy size.

Leftover fluids can also inflame your belly, but don’t worry they will be naturally discharged during the first few weeks after giving birth. Your stretched abdominal muscles and skin and some extra fats your body stores during pregnancy will recover their pre-pregnancy form too. Your tummy will get smaller just give it time.  

      2.  Painful cramps

When your uterus is still healing and regaining its previous size you may experience painful cramps, especially the first week after giving birth.

Painkillers recommended by your doctor can be the best option to ease the pain.

Change in period patterns 

Every mother has vaginal bleeding after giving birth, called lochia. It is a combination of fluids like blood, mucus and uterus tissues that can be heavier than the periods and can last up to 10 days after delivery. Maxi pads will become a good friend  during these days.

In case of excessive bleeding always contact your doctor.

Feeling pain when you pee

Feeling pain while peeing is completely normal. This happens because during the pregnancy and the delivery the bowels and bladder go through a lot of pressure.

Putting warm things over the area where you feel the pain will help you feel better. Drinking lots of liquids, walking and taking enough fiber will recover your orgasm faster.

Vaginal discomfort

An episiotomy is a surgical cut made at the opening of the vagina during childbirth, this plus vaginal tearing really harms the mother’s vulva, producing stretching and bruises. During  recovery,  the mum may feel discomfort in her cookie jar.

Washing the vagina with warm salty water before and after you pee, applying an ice pack in the region every couple of hours and using warm compressors will help the mother to reduce nonconformity.  

Increase of weight

You have been adding weight during nine months because of your pregnancy, take your time to reduce the kilos too. Be patient, eat healthy and do soft exercises when the doctor allows you to.

The only way to control your weight during pregnancy is following a healthy life, for example go for dancing classes and control what you eat. Common weight increase average in pregnant women is between 10 and 12.5 kilos.


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