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Relax! The size of your manhood does not matter- how you use it is what matters.

My Man

Every man would want to believe that he is hung like a horse, but unfortunately, not every man is born with a larger-than-thine love stick. Some men have to make do with a micro penis.

However, contrary to what your porn collection has had you believe, size does not always correlate with pleasure. Size does matter in some instances, but what really counts is how you use your joystick during intercourse.

Your small member should not be an impediment to you giving your woman mind-blowing orgasms every time you have sex. In any case, the vagina is elastic and can adapt to any size. Having said that, here are some tips to help your woman get off if you are not so blessed down there.

Position! Position! Position

Even if you are very poorly endowed, with a little creativity, you and your woman can have satisfying sex. The G-Spot- which even average sized men struggle to find - is located just three inches inside the vagina. You don’t actually need a huge baby-maker to hit her sweet spots. There are also countless sex positions and techniques that makes optimal use of what you’ve got.

Positions like the doggy, reverse cowgirl, spooning and butterfly can help your small weeny feel deeper and fuller inside her honey pot. So grab a copy of the Kamasutra and figure out what works for you.

Perfect your oral skills

Your teeny weeny problem does not automatically spell doom for your love life. Some good mouth action is undeniably the most enjoyable, relaxing experiences any girl can have. When struggling with a microscopic penis, it is probably not advisable to develop an aversion to oral sex. What you luck in the trouser department, you can make up for with your tongue. Most men view oral sex as an appetizer to the main event, but it can be the main event if you do it right. Although an essential part of foreplay, it can also help a woman reach orgasm. It is all about trial and error. Practice until you find out what works for her.

Rock her world with your hands

Your hands and fingers will prove to be indispensable tools in bed if you are under-endowed. Unlike your love stick, your hands and fingers are much more reliable and versatile when it comes to giving women earth-shattering orgasms.

Traditional penetration alone may not get the work done, but you can never go wrong with your fingers. Read up on some fingering techniques and have her screaming and moaning in no time. Plus, you have two hands and you get to use them both. While one hand plays with her lady bits, the other one can explore some more erogenous zones on her body. Just ensure that your finer nails are short and well-groomed at all times.


Confidence is key


Lack of sexual confidence is a much bigger turn-off in bed than a small member. Confidence is the real aphrodisiac many women respond to. Fear and shame will only destroy your ability to achieve the passion and connection you desire with your partner.

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