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10 jobs that can land a man a rich wife

Marriage Advice

 Times have changed, and gone are the days when the only requirement a man looked for when picking a wife was a nice round ‘udongo’ and family background.

In this era of 50-50, cost sharing, a woman with a fat wallet seems to be every man’s dream all in the name of domesticating “an independent woman.”

Here are 10 jobs that might get a dude a woman who is not only independent but  loaded like a gun as well. Who knows, you might be the one baby sitting, TV remote in hand, as the madam works her ‘udongo’ off...

1. High end hairdresser or masseuse

Women prefer male salonists as they don’t harbour kiwaru against their clients. Male hairdressers and masseuses thus have a high chance of having rich client who later have hots for them. Since their clients are not the average Njokis who recycle weaves or insist on “nikatie bei ya braid woishe” then landing a wealthy damsel in high end spas is easy.

2. Bodyguards

We all know Whitney Houston’s Movie, The Body guard right? Awesome, such scripts do happen in real life; well, at least some. Being a bodyguard is no longer a job for some lousy, poorly schooled fellas with bulging muscles. And being a bodyguard can land you on the laps of a moneyed mamacita, perhaps a politician or a business guru or an heiress.

3. Cabbies

You never know who could be taking a ride in an executive cab. It could be a director of a blue chip, a CEO, a high flying banker, a UN consultant or a sex starved tourist. Indeed, some single, high class lasses like  to go about town unnoticed and camouflaged as simple city women...and a trustworthy cab guy can fall into things.

4. Caddies

There is more to being a caddy than just a golf bag carrier around the greens and most spend more time with the woman golfer than they do with their own lives.

We are all privy to the fact that golf ain’t game for the ratchets like gambling, it is a game associated with class and mullah and landing a top notch woman during golf games can change a caddy’s life when he’s made a roommate for good.

5. Gym instructor

Swedish crown princess Victoria married her personal trainer and Madonna the Queen of Pop, had a child with one.

In the quest to have that killer body, a workout regimen with a well chiseled gym instructor might be a ticket to Easy Street and thus, a gym instructor is one sure way to land you a sexy damsel (who will soon have a flat tummy) and you will have access to her deep purse! You can bag a millionaire’s daughter or rich career woman going through the motions of heartbreak!

6. Gynecologist

In a hospital where consultation fees is like a kidney transplant fee means the clientele are the ‘Who is Who’ in the society and you could soon be eating life with a big spoon!

7. Flight attendant

These airline stewards interact with women in first and business class who are so  well travelled and so busy they missed out on their love lives. And since stewards are trained to be well-mannered, then a conversation while serving her a cold fruit juice might just stir an airborne romance!

8. TV presenters

Rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty in society-especially as a television presenter- can have one thing leading to the other. After all, most politicians, for instance, die to have the television girl for a mistress... who can be upgraded to Nyumba Kubwa...once that divorce is out the window!

9. High end barman/waiter

Wealthy and emancipated women are the type who will pop in to the affluent pub next to her office or home to unwind with friends or clients. Women detest waitresses meaning the polite barman/waiter who can take her kuzusha over bills in his stride might win her soft spot in her heart. Just start by seeing her off to her car...soon you will be mixing cocktails in her in-house pub!

10. Events organiser

Consider being an events organiser as these social soirées are the perfect place to meet wealthy, single women as members of the upper class frequent galas, fundraisers and charity events. Who knows, she might hire you to organise for her million worth birthday bash and might clique from there.

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