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Manly things every woman should learn how to do

 Things you should do on your own as a woman (Photo: iStock)

When we think about roles that men and women are expected to play, certain things come to mind. Women tend to take up more submissive roles while men do the leading.

These days, things are really changing. We've come to realize that certain roles shouldn't necessarily be confined to gender because there are many things that are just basic life skills for everyone.

For argument's sake, let us take a look at some of the 'masculine' things that women should actually be doing by now. These skills could actually end up coming through for you in more ways than you expected:

Changing a tyre

In movies, we often see a stranded damsel in distress by the roadside with a flat tyre. Then she waits and hopes until a dashing young man finally comes to her rescue.

In real life, try that at your own risk. That is not to say it hasn't worked for some ladies but, it's not safe because you don't know people's motives these days.

It would be much better if you know how to change a tire in case it happens and you're not in a very safe environment. You can quickly get it done and drive somewhere safer to confirm if everything is okay.

Self-defence skills

Males naturally have the instinct to fight and protect. The way they respond to threatening situations is different from women, plus, they tend to be bigger and stronger than women.

It is very necessary for women to at least know a few defence techniques as a life skill. Of course, we don't hope for the worst but, it's more beneficial to have the skills, even though you might never use them.

Changing a bulb

What will happen if you're all alone late at night and your bulb suddenly expires? At that time there was no one who can come all the way from where they are just to change it.

That is why every woman should know how to change different kinds of bulbs around the home. If any of them ever burns and you need to replace them urgently, you will know exactly what to do.

Basic home repairs

Knowing how to do simple home repairs can save you a lot of money. We know that at some point maintenance is required so, why not learn how to do the basics?

If for example, you have a blocked sink, you should know how to unclog it without having to call someone. There are even so many hacks online that can show you easy ways of fixing common problems around the home without any special tools. Learn them.

Financial planning

One role that many women still expect their husbands to play in the family is that of a financial planner. They want their man to not only provide but also handle the family finances correctly so that they don't end up in financial ruin.

But really, having wisdom when it comes to money should be something that women are keen on as well. The effort should come from both sides even when you're not the sole provider.

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