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Stop blaming women for unplanned pregnancy, it takes two to tango

 You can't have unprotected sex while also claiming to be unprepared to care for a child (Photo: iStock)

So, why is it that when unintended pregnancies occur, it is always the woman who suffers? Most men believe that it is our responsibility to protect ourselves from pregnancy and that we are to blame for any accidents that occur during the love match.

This is hilarious to me because the man is just as involved in the baby-making process as we are. In fact, because he is the one doing the fertilisation, he has the option of spraying outside and elsewhere to avoid such unfavourable outcomes. We're better off washing sheets than blaming each other for who didn't do what to keep the pregnancy at bay.

We are aware that we live in a patriarchal society in which the man was raised in an environment in which women took control of everything to ensure the male's comfort. The man grew up with his female siblings, who always took care of him, from washing and ironing his clothes to making sure there was a ready meal for him when he returned home from his adventures. Perhaps because we are good at figuring things out for them and getting things done, the man now believes we should take full responsibility for birth control as well.

While we take the necessary precautions most of the time, this does not mean that we should be fully responsible; there will be times when contraceptives fail and other times when we will be just as negligent as the men. We should not feel blamed in such situations but rather supported in finding a workable solution.

We've heard of something called post-nut clarity, in which a man suddenly regains use of his brain following successful coitus. Rather than settling for a cuddle during such times, the man should take advantage of the opportunity to assess for any risk factors and to participate in any precautionary measures suggested.

Given that the baby develops within us, we would be remiss not to exercise caution. However, we can all agree that there are times when reason abandons us and our minds only resume functioning when it is too late.

Given that the purpose of copulation in the animal kingdom is to produce offspring, perhaps humans should only engage in coitus with people they find bearable enough to tolerate their features on their offspring. If you don't think a woman is good enough to mother your child, don't touch her with a ten-yard pole.

You can't be having sex while also claiming to be unprepared to care for a child. Go organise your life and only ask a woman her name when you are certain you are prepared to deal with the consequences of love-making. The universe was gracious enough to allow us to find pleasure in an act that was intended for procreation. Humans, unlike their animal counterparts, have used coitus for purposes other than its intended primary function. If there is any such thing as reincarnation, then such blame-shifting men should be born as frogs in their next lives.

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