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Six hacks with coke you should know

 Coke can be used as a stain remover and cleaning agent (Photo: Shutterstock)

Coke is not only a drink, a favourite among some, but it also has many other uses. Coca-Cola is a jack of many trades and you can use it to solve so many problems. Here are some of the hacks you should have up your sleeves as they may come in handy anytime.

Remove rust with it

Are you frustrated with some of your appliances or metal items rusting? Don't be. Coke will come to your rescue. All you need to do is dip the rusted item in Coca-Cola, soaking it for three hours. Viola! You'll be pleased by how brand new the coat will look.

Stuck with chewing gum on your clothes? Coke it.

It may be that you sat somewhere and got your cloth stuck with some chewing gum. Trying to remove it proves hard as you'll probably ruin the fabric and not be able to remove all the stuck gum. If you find yourself in such a sticky situation, get some coke and pour some on the portion of cloth that has the gum. Let it rest a bit and remove the gum with ease.

Great toilet cleaner

Yes, you read right. Coke is a toilet cleaner and can remove the toughest stains. Your toilet bowl may be looking brownish from all the dirt and you're left wondering what to do to get it sparkle again. Get a little of coke and pour it all over your toilet bowl and let sit for an hour. Get back and do a mild scrub then flash the toilet. Coke's bleaching power will leave you speechless.

 Use coke to remove chewing gum from your clothes (Photo: Shutterstock)

Cleans glass and surfaces well

Have you run out of soap and can't get to the store? Well, all to do is to get the coke from your fridge, transfer it to a spray can and spray your dirty surfaces. Taking an example of  the car lights, a quick spray using coke then a wipe leaves them shining and clean.


You may think that the sweet nature of the coke can make insects crowd at your farm or kitchen garden and they'll eat up your plants. This is far from the truth. Spraying coke onto your plants acts as the perfect pesticide and attracts them then they die.This  keeps the insects away from harming your plants. Finally,you can grow your spices of keep your flowers insect-free without worrying.

Making lip balm

Yes, if you loved science experiments,this one's for you. Only take a spoon of Vaseline, coconut oil and two tablespoons of Coke. Melt them in the microwave and then put in a mold of your old lip balm container. Freeze for a day and you'll have a sweet smelling and tasting lip balm

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