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How to know she will say no: When is the right time to propose?

 You need to be confident that she is ready to accept your proposal (Shutterstock)

Are you wondering whether she will say ‘Yes?’ If you have been thinking about popping the big question, there are a number of things that you have to put in place first, definitely. However, other than your confident bank account (what if she says “Yes! Let’s get married next week?”), you also need to be confident that your woman is ready to accept your proposal. What if she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with you? Don’t break your esteem, here are some  rudimentary signs that she will likely to say no:

She is discreet about her personal information

Do you trust each other implicitly? Your woman wants a lifelong partner she trusts and who trusts her. If the both of you are sharing information about how much you earn, your debts, and your difficult times without the other being indiscreet or unsupportive, then you know the answer.

If your girlfriend is still withholding information, then it might not be the right time to propose as she is most likely not ready to get down with you. Saving the proposal until when the relationship is secure sounds like a good plan.

She hasn’t dropped any hints

Talking about your future house together could be her way of hinting that she is ready to take the step. She could be talking to you about quality schools in a particular area she is looking forward to settle in, or even looking up potential real estate she would want you to buy together. There are those who are less subtle and will drag you to go window shopping together at jewelry stores.

Face it, not so many ladies are bold enough to make a proposal, as thus, it is up to you to watch out for her hints so as to know that she is actually set and is only waiting for you to get ready.

Life is not calm

Don’t even think about it! A marriage proposal is not a way of fixing any tenuous position either of you might be in.  If either of you is struggling with a difficult phase such as multiple deadlines at work, tackling a big project, or facing a lay-off, you need to wait until the dust has settled. The same applies to family tragedies, financial losses or ill health.

Before you pop the question, you need to ascertain that there are no emotional burdens that are likely to mar a genuine response.

 What if she says “Yes! Let’s get married next week? (Shutterstock)

She is not enthusiastic about growing old together

When you talk about your future together, does she wholeheartedly share her wishes and want a future with you? You have to keenly note that the enthusiasm about your future together is not all yours. If she is not displaying confidence in your relationship or seeing herself being with you when you are gray, then a marriage proposal would not be just.

Before you propose, you need to be sure about your woman’s confidence in your relationship. Let her assure you of your future together.

She is negative about marriage

This is a no-brainer. If she has expressed feeling of never getting married then why bother popping the question? How about you give her time and see if she will have a change of heart?

She could be negative because of her experience growing up with parents who struggled with marriage. By being a better partner to her, you can help her reconsider her stance and make her believe in the institution of marriage first before going down on one knee.  

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