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Different ways to brine for tender meat

 Make brining your meat a constant procedure to have a unique twist to your meat dishes (Shutterstock)

You are allowed to go to extreme extents to get the perfect flavour for your meats. Instead of cooking plain meat, opt to soak it up in a solution - brining. Brining works magic and can incorporate other spices. The basics are soaking the meat in a liquid.

For seafood, you should brine for thirty minutes, poultry, 3-4 hours, pork and turkey 12 hours.

Remember that some brines can be acidic and easily move the meat from being tender to being mushy.

Water and salt /sugar brine

This solution involves one tablespoon of salt for a cup of water. Mix it together with the herbs you desire and soak the meat. You can substitute salt for sugar if you want your meat to be sweet rather than savoury.

Brining with wine

If you don't feel the pain of buying a bottle of wine only to discard it after brining, go for this. You can use red wine for better results and soak the meat in. Choose wines as per your palate tastes as your meat will pick the wine's aromatics. Some wines are earthy, others have flower connotations while others have acidic feels, know your preference.

 You can use red wine for better results and soak the meat in (Shutterstock)

Using apple juice

For the fruity fragrance and flavour, apple juice is a great brining solution. It will give your meat an upper taste, sure to tantalize your taste buds. When using this, you can add sugar and sweet spices to take it a notch higher.

Brining with beer

Booze is a great brine and sets in the malt in the meat, tenderizing it all the way. It will break down the tough tenderloins of meat, and make it juicy. When using beer as the brine, the darker the beer, the richer the flavour. For a mild feel, use low malted beers.

Using vinegar

Vinegar is not only good in cleaning and getting rid of bacteria but also as a brine. When using it, do not leave meat for long as its acidic nature can disintegrate the meat further than intended. Adding herbs and spices may not be necessary when using vinegar as brine as it overpowers everything.

Make brining your meat a constant procedure to have a unique twist to your meat dishes. As a tip, refrigerate the brine and the meat for best results. 

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