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Seven delicious meals to make during this festive season other than 'ugali' and 'chapati'


One major way to mark this festive season is by enjoying delicious food with your entire family, and visiting friends. Other than eat outs, you can fulfill this by making these foods from the comfort of your kitchen.

While Chapatis have for ages marked Christmas and other important festivities, there are other delicious options you can choose from.

This Christmas season, make a remarkable cuisine for your loved ones by preparing;


Green bananas are available throughout the year and can be easily christened the second staple food after ugali. Matoke, made from green bananas fried in oil with onions, tomatoes, garlic and sometimes meat, is one delicacy you should indulge in. The resulting meal can be consumed on its own or served with others like vegetables.


Your festive season is incomplete without this delicious rice and meat dish. With recipes available in many cooking sites for different needs, preparing this amazing food will definitely be a welcome change for both you and your family. To have varieties, you may switch the chicken with beef and serve with the salad or slices of avocado.

Nyama Choma

Meat can be prepared in so many ways but one stands out in Kenya. Roast meat, locally known as nyama choma is tasty and therefore favorable t mark this season.

Made over open fire, nyama choma from beef, goat meat, chicken or even fish allows you to savour the meat juices making it a specialty. Nyama Choma is best served with kachumbari and other accompaniments.


This starchy tuber has for many years been served as breakfast. You can however surprise your family and visiting friends with meals made from fried or baked arrowroots.

Locally known as nduma, arrowroots made in different ways offer a tasty accompaniment that can be served either with meat or vegetables and legumes. You can go the extra mile and add flavor by adding coconut milk in fried roots.


December holidays in Kenya are marked with availability of potatoes at affordable prices since they are in season. Mukimo, made from mashed potatoes, pumpkin leaves, maize and beans, therefore becomes a very likely meal for the festive season. This can be served on its own or as an accompaniment to stew and salad.


Salads come in many faces made from different ingredients. Kachumbari in Kenya however has managed to win many people’s hearts and is prepared to accompany almost every meal. This delicacy is made from a fine mixture of chopped tomatoes, onions, pepper, cilantro, lemon juice and in some cases, avocado.


Githeri tops the list for common foods in most homesteads. The mixture of boiled maize and beans can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on how you prepare it.

To add even more delish to githeri, you can fry it in oil with onions and garlic or even add diced potatoes. Githeri can be served on its own or with vegetables such as Kachumbari.

What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

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