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Men, here are seven types of friend zone you are likely to be trapped in


The state of being friends with someone when you would prefer a romantic or sexual relationship with them is what is commonly referred to as friendzone.

We all try hard to get out of it, but then you realize you have just sunk in deeper into it.

Being in a friendzone complicates things for men. Wiggling your way out of one starts by you first gaining an understanding that there are different levels and kinds of friend-zones.

So, what are these types of friend-zones?

1. I need some money zone

There is always that girl in your contact list that will always have a soft spot in your heart. What she wants, you are at her service.

Even though you do not talk daily, she occasionally shows ups with small talks then follows the infamous phrase “I need a favor.”

2. The ultra friendzone

This is the zone where she tells you most of her stuff however uncomfortable they might be to you.

She will narrate how her boyfriend is treating her, how she wants more sex, others even tell you about the guys who are hitting on them and they dare ask for your opinion.

She is too comfortable sharing all this with you despite your feelings towards her.

3. The conventional friend-zone

This is where majority of us belong. She meets a guy and something sparks instantly.

He's cute or smart or something that just keeps the girl interested... until she finds out that there's something not absolutely perfect about him. And pap! You become a regular guy on her inbox.

4. The strategic friend-zone

Do you know that girls know their next boyfriend long before she even breaks up with her current lover? In this zone, you are being booked for future use.

She knows your strengths and definitely she is attracted to you but unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. In her mind she knows she will eventually make you bae, but when she is good and ready.

Until then she kind of put you on hold, for a later date or as one of her options.

5. Social Media friend-zone

You slide into her DM, initiate a chat and boom! You all get along so well. You guys laugh and share intimate little details about each other’s life.

But when you prompt that you want to meet up, she suddenly goes offline. Not everything on the Internet is real.

6. The ‘look like a couple’ friend zone

The ‘victim’ will be used as a pretend bae, the two may look good together.

They’ll take cute pictures together, maybe even hold hands in public, and everyone would think there’s something between them. However, in fact they are just friends.

7. The party friend-zone

Because she needs someone, she can feel safe with you while popping the bottles. She will tag you along and party as hard as she can. After all, you got her including the drinks and food, don’t you?

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