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Kinyozis where hands, boobs and eyes do the working (walking)


Last weekend, I did something I rarely do - checking on hubby at the kinyozi. Given how boring kinyozis can be, I assumed this was a horrible idea. But it was a real eye opener. I found myself at this men's den because hubby and I were to have an afternoon date but he had taken unusually long at the kinyozi and I was getting agitated.

"Aki babe I am almost done, please enter one of the cafes and have some tea. I will be there shortly," he had lied to me an hour ago.

And foolish me, I believed him. I entered a café, ordered some tea, drunk it, finished it, ordered some more and hubby was still nowhere to be seen.

"Aki I have drunk a whole thermos and you're still not here. Kwani what are you shaving? Si u text me details of the kinyozi I come," I texted him.

Like fellow men, my hubby rarely texts, so he called and tried to woo me with a treat.

"Aki babe don't come, this place is boring and it's full of mean looking men. Why don't you go to any salon and have your hair and nails done. I will pay," he offered.

The deal was quite tempting but I could not take it up because I was from the salon the previous day.

"No babe, I already made my hair, please tell me which kinyozi you are at," I texted and followed with a series of harsh looking emojis. And he texted back the details.

So that is how I ended up at this posh kinyozi in Nairobi's CBD where women do wonders on men's beards and heads in the name of shaving and massage.

When I stepped in, I was met with a pretty receptionist who directed me to where hubby was being 'taken care of'.

And as I walked into the tastefully arranged kinyozi, I was flabbergasted. Men here were having a time of their lives, little wonder my husband was hesitant to give me directions or to even leave. The kinyozi girls were all young, trendy, pretty, and playful and smelt like heaven. Hubby had already been shaved and the girl was massaging his head.

But the way she was doing it was so seductive; her soft hands, her ample bosom, her bewitching scent, her erotic eyes were all at work. No wonder hubby was in a sweet slumber until I jolted him back to reality.

"Baba Tasha am hear," I angrily declared marking my territory. "Ohhh.., that was so fast, kwani you came running. Halima, wachia hapo, huyu ni waif," he said a bit disoriented.

And the few minutes I was in that place my eyes witnessed a lot. There was something really sexual and intentional from the way these impressionable young girls massaged the men's heads and beards. So there you have it, next time your partner takes longer than usual at the kinyozi, don't assume it's the usual shave, he may just be enjoying Halima's ample bosom.

By the way, that afternoon date? It never happened.

The writer is a married working mother of a toddler boy and a preschooler daughter. She shares her day-today-life experience of juggling between career, family and social life

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