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Is it rude to visit someone's house empty handed?

 (Left) Beryl, Brenda and Doreen                        Photo: Jennifer Wachie


How many people do you know who actually remember to bring a little something when they come over to visit? We hit the street to find out and what their take was concerning that.

Beryl Atieno, Quality Analyst: It’s not courteous. When visiting carry something because that is our African culture. It’s not a matter of necessity, it’s a matter of being courteous.


Beryl Atieno, Quality Analyst                        Photo: Jennifer Wachie


Doreen Hongo, Event Planner: It’s not courteous because that is not the way we have been brought up. Although it  depends on the kind of friendship. There are people who will not have a problem considering situations and financial status in which this friend is visiting. If that friend is in need maybe jobless, then it’s good to let them visit the way they are.

 Doreen Hongo, Event Planner                           Photo: Jennifer Wachie


Juliet Otieno, Auditor: It’s not good and not our culture. It’s a two way traffic since you are invited then carry something with you. It means you appreciate your friendship and you care. It’s also a good feeling to your host to receive something from you. A gift is always appreciated in whichever form and it has an impact.

 Juliet Otieno, Auditor                                    Photo: Jennifer Wachie


Brenda Itago, student: It’s rude in away because bringing something over is a show of who you are and not bringing anything means you do not care. It’s important to show  gratitude whoever much your host may have but that particular thing will be valued and bring your friendship more closer.

 Brenda Itago, Student                                      Photo: Jeniffer Wachie


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