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Tips on how to make your laundry room appealing


Laundry roomIf you are one of those who have ignored their laundry rooms and relegated them to the basement or garage, think again. This room can be much more that a place to wash and dry your clothes. When you give it a touch up, it will definitely make the task of doing laundry less monotonous. So, turn your boring laundry into an appealing part of your home. Like you would do with any other room, pick a theme that appeals to you and reflects your personality.

Here are some ways to make this room appealing and doing laundry less time consuming.

Design: Consider the space you have and ensure it is a functional room. I know most of these rooms are small and leave little space for décor consideration. Creativity thus plays a big role. Do you also intend to make it a place to read or sew as you wait for your clothes to dry or wash? Ensure it is equipped with everything you need for these tasks. Extend the theme of the rest of your home into the laundry. The cabinets could, for instance, match with those in the kitchen. Hanging some art and favourite photos in the room, will make it more appealing.

Appliances: Washing machines and dryers that apart from being functional are also aesthetically appealing are now locally available. Buy one that blends with your décor. Ensure they fit with your needs and into the space you allocate for it. Now you can stop hiding your laundry room from your guests.

Light: One ought to see what they are washing to be sure they are getting clean.  Natural sunlight is the best for the laundry. It helps in controlling the spread of mould, which comes about as a result of wet clothes, and also saves electricity. There are times you may need to do your laundry at night. Installing some task light and accent lighting will ensure the room is well lit. 

Accessories: If you have knick-knacks that you would love to display, place them on the shelves. Use laundry baskets, shelves and cabinets to keep the space less cluttered. Woven baskets with handles will make it easy for the family members to move around with the laundry. You can place them on the shelves when not in use. 

Walls: For a cheerful look, go for bright décor. Paint it a bright colour that makes you happy; you can paint one or two walls, or the entire room. You can also wallpaper the room in bright colours. Ensure it is waterproof wallpaper.

Space: How much space do you have? This will determine how much you can do. It could be large enough to fit shelves, an ironing board, a table for folding clothes, and even a closet. If you have enough space, do not clutter it by putting in too much. Folding tables, chairs and ironing boards are ideal as you only unfold them when you need them, thus saving on space. If your laundry has no cabinets or shelves, your local fundi can always fix them for you to give you storage space for your detergents and other accessories. Other than that, the cabinets will give your room some character. Use the space behind the laundry door to hang laundry bags, clothes and hangers.

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