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Nagging?...Just a reminder


Nagging womenMen get cheesed off in a flash with hearing a woman complain. Then again, Bill Maher, an American television host, offers consolation with his words that women cannot complain about men anymore until they start getting better taste in them. Bill’s statement is a sure proof that a woman’s yap means she cares about the relationship enough to absorb herself in it. If a man does something that could drive any woman up the wall and she says nothing, he should raise his brows. Either she gave up long ago and only waits for a chance to break up with him, or she already has somebody else occupying her mind. Such a woman is also like a bomb ready to explode anytime. The bigger problem is, the more the man won’t see it coming.


Most men will agree, although covertly for some, that they will find a quiet unexpressive woman unexciting. Let us not even describe how strenuous the relationship will be as she expects her clueless man to know what she wants. Men love a challenge and like women who speak their mind. Too bad they forgot to rule out complaining as the approach.

We all know how easy it is for men to immerse themselves in ‘sideshows’ or go to their comfort zones while neglecting the weighty matters. They need to be kept on their toes and also back on track. When other methods have failed, why not complain? What’s more, this forgetful gender is used to be reminded of the obvious. When we request them to do something over and over and there is no expected feedback, what else is a woman to do other than complain? At times, a woman’s whining could be an indication that there are problems in the relationship.

Louis de Bernières, author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin reinforced this when he said that women nag only when they feel unappreciated. Well, that could just be one of the many snags. So a man should be keen to listen instead of claiming that women love complaining. And for the record, we do not complain, it also irritates us.

Complaining could be a distress signal. While most men opt to walk in a bar and drink their way out of their misery, we prefer to let it all out. Beside the girls, we also prefer our men to hear our whimpering. Some of us only cool off after we release the heavy laden in our hearts, otherwise, it could get a whole lot worse. All that men need to do is to listen and save the counselling for the practicing therapist.

Let me be fair as a true Libran and lay open men’s complaints. They prefer women to bear a genuine reason for their complaining and should avoid pointing out past mistakes. Women should also not see ranting as the only way to communicate. While at it ladies, be careful not to bruise your man’s ego.

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