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Six secrets of women who always smell good

Lady Speak
 Smelling good is a signature characteristic of a woman who exudes feminine energy (Shutterstock)

Smelling good is one of the signature characteristics of a woman who exudes feminine energy. It’s actually possible to maintain the standards of always smelling fresh once you master the art of doing so.

There will be times where you won’t be 100% perfect. Still, you can incorporate very basic changes to your routine to smell good at least most of the time.

Here is how.

Shower properly

This isn’t much of a secret now is it? It should be automatic.

There’s no shortcut to this because you have to shower properly to get all the mustiness of the day off. A proper shower means that you pay attention to some of those hidden areas to prevent buildup of sweat which eventually gives an off smell when ignored for too long.

Take your time to scrub properly rather than hopping in and out the shower within a few seconds.

 It goes without saying that you should normalize showering properly (Shutterstock)
Try scented products

Smelling bland won’t give you the oomph you need. You should buy some good refreshing products that keep you smelling good all day.

Look for perfumes, deodorants and body mists that have that good quality scent and those that can last for a long time without evaporating.

You can spend time finding your signature scent which people will automatically associate you with.

Layer your fragrances the right way

Have you ever sat next to someone who seems to have dumped their whole perfume bottle on themselves? Or have you noticed that some perfume, splash and deo combinations don’t blend well?

There is a certain skill that goes into layering all these the right way. Take time to find the right combo for that elegant scent.

Keep your hair clean

Dirty hair is usually a serious turn off. It’s easily noticeable especially when someone leans in to give you a hug.

Don’t allow yourself to walk around with smelly hair even when wearing braids and extensions. If you’ve had a weave on for too long, ditch it.

And if you’ve had your braids in for a while and you don’t want to undo them yet, wash them with the right technique and products to rejuvenate them.

Some even go as far as applying some hair perfume for that refreshing touch after a wash day. And why not?

 Don’t walk around with smelly hair (Shutterstock)
Refresh during the day

As the day goes by, we sweat and some of the fragrances we applied at the beginning of the day wear off. You should have your go-to refreshing bag which has some wipes, pocket sized deo and perfume.

Also, you can add some mints, breath freshener or your pocket-sized paste and brush to eliminate that strong garlic or onion smell after your lunch break.

To make things easier, find the small refillable perfume bottles so that you don’t have to carry your whole bottle everywhere you go.

Keep your clothes clean

Perfume isn’t enough to cover the stench of dirty clothes. Always keep them clean and maybe use scented fabric conditioner or spray your items in the closet.

Some items aren’t washed as often like coats and jeans so you need to make sure you pay attention to those too and clean them the right way.

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