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Girl talk: Five reasons why you should delay moving in with your boyfriend

Lady Speak

Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing that bring you and your boyfriend together. The two of you have grown close and dependent, so close that you both are considering to move in together and co-habit.

This could be one of the biggest mistake the two of your make if you are not wholly prepared to take up the role of looking after him, and neither is he. While co-habiting and sharing of expenses sounds like a brilliant idea, it is bound to lose the lustre at some point.

Reasons why you should enjoy dating and postpone the beckoning idea of moving include;

You are not married

Dating leads to marriage, but it isn’t marriage itself. Marriage puts the both of you into each other's commitment. It is after moving in with your boyfriend that you’ll find out things about how he carries himself around and vice versa. For marriage, this has chances of survival while for dating, you might end up breaking up before you completely learn to be patient and accommodative of each other.

You are gauging your relationship

When you love him that much and he reciprocates, you two are then ready for a permanent reunion, which is marriage. If however you both feel you are not ready to get married, moving in together is your subconscious way of testing each other or gauging if the other person is as serious as you are. This kind of arrangement unfortunately doesn’t last since you can come in and leave anytime you want without feeling the obligation to explain.

You haven’t planned for the future yet

Dating is cozy because you see your boyfriend when you want to and when he wants to.

After a hasty moving in, you will find ample time to talk to him and you might realize you missed out on what you both want to do with your lives. It is at this time that you realize he probably has different aspirations than yours and you might end up walking away.

Finances might be an issue

Seeing your boyfriend in fancy places, having dinner at your favorite restaurant and spending Friday night outs at the popular club could be your idea of a happily ever after. You realize in most cases that this changes after the both of you move in together. To begin with, being together kills the thrill of eating out, which to begin with also becomes an expensive affair. You realize that  you both have to agree on buying itemsand delegating duties in the house. You begin to split expenses like rent and water bills creating financial responsibilities that you never initially thought of.

It might lead to a premature breakup

After moving in with your boyfriend , the glory in spending time is overshadowed by habits and behaviors you didn’t know he possessed and the same applies to him. He realizes your alone moment habits and you realize his, which doesn’t always turn out well. It is such small things that lead to your first major argument, subsequent ones and even an ugly breakup even before you both settle into cohabiting.

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