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Men are just overrated and we do not want to be equated to them

Lady Speak

Fighting for gender equality was once a precious fight that yielded sweet fruit; that was until there was nothing else to look up to in men. I mean, gone are the days when men were role models and made sober and upright decisions to warrant them the topmost part of the throne by the society. Gender equality was there to help women rise to this position that the society had denied them for the longest time ever, a position that placed them on a balanced scale with men.

Men are however a funny lot, how else do you explain why they are fighting hard to fit into that position the society had once reserved for women? That position that is lower than the carpet at the basement of hell? For instance, when you are going about your businesses, what kind of noses do you find poked in them? Are they not masculine noses? Do you ever find a feminine nose in your business that hasn't been given a push by a masculine one? If yes, then you failed to do your research well. Behind every successful feminine nose in your business is a masculine one that in one way or another influenced it. To those feminine noses, it's high time raised to the occasion and focus. Stop derailing us.

Just the other day, I was accidentally added to a WhatsApp group with the name 'Man power'. This group is full of men who the society looks up to for nurturing the young generation. By the time they realized that I was not one of them, I had spent approximately 12 hours in the group and I must say I took my sweet time to follow every single one of their conversations. Guess what their topic revolved around, yes, you guessed right. Talking ill of other people, especially women who had made it in life. Women who had beat all the odds to climb their career ladders and were enjoying fruits of their hard work.

These men were discussing non issues in the society. I call them non issues because at what point does it become your business if a lady decides to go on a vacation using her own money? At what point do you come in if a lady decides to name her child after a Giraffe? Yes, you might have your opinion of wanting the lady to name the child after a Mango tree, but that remains just that, your opinion! Stop making other people your daily businesses! The current generation of men is not only idle but lacks a sense of direction. Actually, they go with the wind not caring where the wind is taking them even if it is driving them right inside a bottomless pit.

Using my sexy feminine nose, I already smell a future where men will start fighting for gender equality as they struggle to get to the top where women will be sitting pretty sipping Cactus juice. You know how Cactus juice tastes so you don't want to try anyone on that diet, not with your gender equality yells yet you gracefully took the ladder down as we fought to rise.

Instead of creating groups to discuss the nation's growth, you are busy creating groups to badmouth those above you. The hurricane that is supposed to sweep you clean is still looking for a masculine name and using its masculine nose, it will smell you from a distance and come for you.

Dear women, we no longer have to fight for gender equality. Not with the sample of men in this generation. Let's not fight to be equal to people who have no sense of direction. You might not have heard it from anyone or the society might have made you believe otherwise but get it from me, we are far much better placed than most of these men. Let's not raise another generation of such men. Let's raise our sons in better and more promising ways. To the few men who are still upright, thumbs up!

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