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Agony of having a housegirl who is ‘hotter’ than you

Lady Speak

Let’s face it, bridal showers can be a tad bit boring. The repetition and some of the impractical advice given on how to make your husband happy don’t make it an event worth my time. Let us just say I am not that into bridal showers. They suck. And if I really have to sacrifice my time and attend one, it has to be for a close friend. 

Last week, I found myself in one, and in the midst of the usual boring, impractical advice, the marriage expert delved into a very interesting topic. She was talking about how women should be carefully when selecting house helps. The session was hilarious, and I must say I was thoroughly entertained.

One lady opined: “You have to be very careful when picking a house help because at the end of the day, men will always be men. Knowing very well how my husband gets weak in the knees at the sight of curvy women with big backsides, I always go for skinny house helps! However good a prospective housegirl might be at household chores, being curvy is an automatic disqualification!”

Another claimed that she only hires village-bred house helps. According to her, house helps brought up in an urban set-up tend to be very difficult to manage. Such types, she said, only need a compliment or wink and will start flirting with your husband.

Someone else claimed that she only picks women who are in their 50s or older. She said old women will not tempt her husband.

Hear her argument: “Older women don’t entertain ‘monkey businesses,’ like serving your husband breakfast while dressed in bikers or revealing nightdresses in your absence. They tend to be respectful.”

crazy, insecure women?

Listening to the women talk and make fun of the matter, you would be forgiven for thinking they were nuts or insecure.

But come to think of it, their concerns and arguments are valid. In this day and age when women, like men, work, we just can’t wish away the debate on house helps.

Thank heavens, the era of Suzie the homemaker is gone and buried right there with the Stone Age man and his primitive hunting tools.

While our mothers overworked themselves and gave up everything, even their social lives, chasing the fantasy of being the perfect Suzie the homemaker, modern women can’t afford to do the same.

Ladies, get this: The biggest mistake you can do is hiring a house help who is more beautiful than yourself. If you don’t know what agony is, try pulling off that foolish stunt.

quickies with maid

Like they say, once a cheat, always a cheat. But is that reason enough to bring him temptations and expect him to behave?

Haven’t you heard stories about men who wake up and tip-toe to the maid’s bedroom for a quickie?

And it’s not just a local problem, it even happens in Hollywood. Just ask singer Gwen Stefani whose ex-husband carried on a three-year affair with the family nanny right under her nose.

As a woman, you must be vigilant and very strategic when picking a house help.

Again, it’s not just about picking the right help and then putting your feet up after a long day and letting the stranger run your house.

I always recall my late mother’s advice: “Don’t be that foolish woman who thinks she is too beautiful to be replaced by anyone. You are replaceable, even by house helps.” 

Women have to be on the lookout. Most men tend to check out women in their houses, especially if they are not relatives. Hire cute house helps at your own risk!

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