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Why Kenyan women are on the run to Mzungu Love

Lady Speak
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What exactly are Kenyan men doing so wrong that all of a sudden, most ladies are heading West for love? They have developed a new hobby, visiting interracial dating sites as they look for ‘white love’.

Just like the wildebeest of the great Masai Mara, Kenyan women are migrating at an alarming speed away from Kenyan men.

The Kenyan men is this generation are a very disappointing lot, right from the way they carry themselves to the words that come out of their mouths. Either their parents lost it at some point thus bringing up sissies or these men just decided to become sissies!

As society struggles to bring up responsible and hardworking women, it turns a deaf eye to the men and, through stereotypes, gives them an upper hand in almost all aspects in life.

For instance, why would society allow a man to sample different women for marriage while at the same time, curse any woman who even smiles at another man besides the one she is dating?

This same society expects a married woman to play the role of a wife, cook, mother, workmate, house manager all at the same time without any help and still remain submissive while at it but expects a married man to act single and enjoy every bit of his youth.

This kills the spirit in women, no wonder we look older than we really are. Apart from pleasing our men, the society also expects us to please their parents and place them before ours in the ‘periodic table’.

Why else would we be forced to celebrate every other holiday with our men’s parents while our parents spend the same holidays looking at the sky holding their chins and wishing they gave birth to men instead?

Even the Bible says: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” Why then do our men keep dragging us forcefully to spend holidays with their parents back at home as they remain in the cities still acting single?

We are not against going to our matrimonial homes, no. In fact, it is the best feeling when done mutually, not as a duty but as an act of finding happiness.

It is unfortunate that some married women have never set foot in their parents’ homes ever since they got married because society thinks they can only go back there during burials. The only time their children see their maternal grandparents is when the grandparents travel to the city, probably in search of medical services.

Our men are weak both physically and emotionally, no wonder they do not lay their hands on any house chore and would rather see their women break their backs as they struggle to juggle between being parents and wives.

When they have a slight cold, they will act as if they have contracted a killer disease that demands total bed rest but expect their women to ignore the painful cramps every month and stand up for the family.

This is unlike what we see in the West; tender, loving and caring husbands who even wish they could help their wives carry a pregnancy! They will hold your hand and walk with you through marriage, making you feel like a princess.

Of course, this is based on what we see in movies back here, so we end up rushing to the dating sites looking for the same treatment. Dear men, please change and deliver us from this uncertain migration! Just like the wildebeest, we could be heading right into the jaws of hungry crocodiles.

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