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My love for the macho man is gone

 I am no longer into macho men (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

I have always had a preference for very masculine young men, but more recently I have found myself thinking a lot about some older colleagues who are far less macho. What is going on? Why the change?

Less Macho Men

Chris says,

Hi Less Macho Men!

We all have individual preferences when it comes to choosing a partner, but they still generally fit within some pretty predictable principles. And for women, a lot of that depends on whether she wants to settle down, or is just looking for a quick fling! So up until now, you have probably just been looking to have fun with your partners.

Women who are still playing the field generally prefer their men to have highly masculine features. Like a strong jaw and the classic male figure: big pecs, tight waist and so on. An assertively male personality, something approaching the alpha male type. 

Women who are thinking about marriage on the other hand tend to start avoiding alpha males and go for less macho men.

Perhaps they feel that they are more committed, better parents, more caring, nurturing and less likely to stray. Men with more masculine features are generally less faithful, more detached and worse fathers. 

So chances are that you have now subconsciously decided to settle down! And are looking for a long-term partner.

As well as tending to prefer less masculine faces, a woman who is thinking of settling down also tends to prefer slightly older, more mature-looking men.

And to choose the healthiest looking ones! They may not be healthier of course, but older men with good skin give the impression of having better long-term partnership and personality traits, such as being caring or having good parenting skills.

So your preferences in men all depend on what you are looking for in a relationship at that particular time in your life.

This is why alpha males concentrate on girls who are feeling footloose and fancy-free. While now you are unconsciously thinking of settling down, you prefer men who are likely to be kinder, more reliable and better parents.So go for it!

All the best,


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