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Why men should educate their wives

 Why men should educate their wives (Photo: iStock)

Economists are good people. They are realistic professionals who are keen to extract value for money in every decision they make. They are the third eye that investors employ to see for them the unseen before taking the leap of faith to put money into any venture.

Arguably, they rival accountants in stinginess because the two professions are founded on certain common principles that govern against wastage. They are very good people whose skills should be borrowed by men especially.

It is common knowledge that women would make better investigative officers given the opportunity, especially in situations crimes of a social nature where there is a need to prove a man guilty. We have a sixth sense to sniff out information that even trained dogs cannot. It is who we are in nature and we do not need training in this area.

The male gender on the other hand is not gifted with any natural skills that can secure them a job in any profession away from old-school hunting and gathering. With changing times, they should be open to advice to be less emotive in making certain important social decisions that involve relationships with women.

With the increasing threat of being divorced, all young men ought to fit in their gap year an intense training in economics to understand that each move they make is an investment and must be carefully evaluated against the imminent risks.

The young men must also internalize the fundamentals of two important concepts - return on investment and value for money. These are very important considering that statistics show that women only earn thirty per cent of income yet hold a larger chunk of money and assets and control 70 per cent of financial decisions.

It is a good thing to educate one's wife. It is a cushion for one's children in the event of his untimely demise. Do not get me wrong. The argument is that the decision should be based on solid risk assessment including proven commitment on the part of the woman.

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