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How upbringing ruins your love life

 How upbringing ruins your love life (Photo: iStock)

Families have cultures that run deep. You see, organizational culture is something that like the genome of a living organism is deeply ingrained in the system of a workplace. In this age, there are modern brands built on a platform of professional management with clear job descriptions that define the roles, limits and powers of each office.

However, there are old-fashioned family-owned businesses where individuals wield raw power that relegates professionalism to the peripheries. In the first case, a general manager may command absolute control over all decisions thus reducing all other roles to mere ceremonial status. My point is that once a culture is established and well-rooted, it would take a shakeup of monumental proportions to transform.

The upbringing of a person is what constitutes one’s perception of life including how they treat a spouse or expect to be treated. Men bred by violent men are likely to extend the pattern when they get married because in their primary understanding that is how a relationship should look like.

Such a man would expect a voiceless partner who does not question any of his decisions especially when he is the sole provider. Usually, a man with a background of a controlling father would naturally go out shopping for a non-equal partner so that they are the absolute god in that relationship.

Historical factors shape us without knowing because the experiences are what form the building blocks that shape our personality going into adulthood. In all cases, how we end up acting could be subconsciously in line with our past experiences.

This is why the period of dating is important. It is that time that provides the gauge to establish the level of compatibility between two grown persons aiming to function as a unit. It is the stories said during these dates that unmask one's nature, family traits and expectations. Such trivial points may appear small at the beginning but they gain prominence slowly with time as realities begin to play out in the open.

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