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What you need to know about dating single dads


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 Dating a single dad will not be easy but it might be worth your while (Photo: iStock)

In an ideal world, we would all meet our partners at the perfect time, get married, have children, and then live happily ever after-the way our parents hoped our lives would go.

But in reality, for one reason or another, some people find themselves as single parents.

And most of the time we hear a lot about single mothers and what it's like to date them. But today, we shed some light on what to expect before getting into a relationship with a single dad:

They are often very busy

Parents don't usually have a chance to be free like those without children. And single parents, especially, often have a fuller schedule and busier lives.

So, if you're thinking of dating a single dad, know that he will be busy most of the time. Even though the relationship with his previous partner didn't work out, he's still expected to handle the heavy financial responsibilities.

He might not give you that dating experience you're hoping for, and that is something you have to be okay with.

His kids come before you

When talking about single mothers, the automatic truth (or assumption) is that her kids are number one. Similarly, the situation is the same for single dads.

This man had a life before you and he was a dad before you came into the picture. That's not going to change because his kids are literally his family.

There might be some in-law interference

A common situation many of us have heard of a couple of times is mother-in-law rejection. Here, the in-laws had such a strong bond with the man's baby mama or ex-wife that they are unwilling to accept anyone else.

These situations can cause a lot of drama for you and your relationship. You have to be careful enough to see the signs early so you can have that conversation with your man. If there isn't any progress and you can see where their loyalty lies, you better flee.

They are vetting you from day one

Men with kids tend to be more careful than those who don't have children when vetting partners. They understand that anyone they bring around their kids has to have a certain character, and they don't usually have time to waste if they see red flags.

Of course, they don't always make the right choices but if they are interested in you, be ready to answer some weird questions.

He might still be healing

The struggles that single dads go through aren't always considered. Some men have been completely frustrated by their baby mamas and ex-wives to the point of depression.

All that plus the pain of a failed relationship might make him very guarded. He might not easily be ready to open up to you because of the wounds he carries.

In this situation, you will need a lot of patience to be able to offer extra love and assurance.

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