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Foods you should definitely avoid before sex

 Foods you should avoid before sex (Photo: iStock)

Getting kinky in the bedroom should be a thrilling experience. At least, that's the plan that we would all hope for. When you and your bae are about to rock each other's world, you prepare yourselves physically and psyche yourselves up mentally.

Most people have those common pre-sex routines like taking a shower, dressing up in something sexy, smelling good and, making sure you're not hungry because starving can kill the mood.

As much as you can eat what you want at any time, there are a couple of foods and drinks that you should probably avoid right before sex. Some of the foods on this list might be healthy options but, believe me, you should save them for your post-sex meal if you're serious about having a good time:


Dairy products are good for our overall health and, they're delicious too if you're a fan. Quite a number of us like to have tea with some milk, indulge in a super cheesy burger once in a while and other common products often.

The problem with dairy products is that they tend to make us gassy especially if you're lactose intolerant. And when you're bending in all kinds of positions, the last thing you would want is thinking about the huge fart that is about escape.

For some, dairy could also trigger a running stomach so if this is you, avoid yoghurt, milk, ice cream and other dairy products before sex.

Spicy food

I'm a fan of spicy food and if you love it too, you've probably felt some of the aftereffects of eating very spicy food like acid reflux and gas.

These foods might be delicious going in but the process isn't so pretty when it's time for them to come out. This option is definitely not great before sex. You might also end up unintentionally releasing some 'hot' farts, which is quite embarrassing.


Generally, it's not a great idea to drink soda too often. It contributes to problems like tooth decay and can even lead to serious health issues like diabetes.

When it comes to drinking this before sex, you're setting yourself up for a disastrous time. Soda is highly carbonated which means there will be a lot of burping, bloating and discomfort, which is anything but sexy.

And, not just soda, by the way, this could happen with other carbonated drinks.


Beans are very nutritious and affordable. But, everyone knows what follows after having lots of beans and that is lots of farting.

This happens as our bodies try to break down the complex sugars, fibres and carbohydrates in beans, and the end result is that gas.

You might have to reschedule the times you choose to eat your beloved beans or, try having them in moderation if you're going to have some bedroom fun.

Cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables play a huge part when it comes to healthy eating. Most of them are highly nutritious including cruciferous types like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

However, these types of veggies tend to produce a lot of gas too, the smelly type of gas in fact. Cruciferous vegetables can help to boost your sex drive but you should probably have them much earlier before having sex.

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