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Shady things that Kenyans do in a matatu



Our country is for sure one of a kind in this world despite the political wrangles. If there is one country that appreciates matatu culture is Kenya but the passengers can be so annoying. These are the most irritating things that Kenyans do in a matatu:

Reading one’s messages to keep yourself busy in traffic- How idle could one be that you are reading one’s messages? Maybe the husband is sexting the wife and you are stretching your long giraffe neck and bulky eyes to interrupt their privacy. Let him or her prosper with whoever they are texting and mind your business!


Sitting apart- this is especially for men! Men we understand that you sit with your legs apart but that should not be in a matatu. A matatu has specifically designed two seats and if you sit with your legs wide open, how do you expect your neighbor passenger to sit? Hanging on one of their bums? Just sit proportionally and after you alight the matatu, you can walk apart too!


Eating fries in the matatu- there is this group of foodies in a matatu, we understand that you have been hungry and there are those that have just eaten a banana in the morning, waiting to eat dinner and someone just walks in with fries and the whole matatu is filled with that aroma….irritating.

Stealing airtime- We are sure that some of you don’t know about this. Apparently, there are these passengers who stand in a matatu and since they are so idle, they can do anything! This is how it happens; an innocent seated passenger bought airtime to buy bundles( since there is fake WiFi signal in the ride) in the process as he is trying to dial the code on the card, the standing passenger has already dialed it and after seconds the seated passenger gets a pop up message that “ the voucher you have dialed is invalid”.  How clever are Kenyans?

Random Boys hanging on the matatu door and they are not the conductors- We have never understood why some young boys are always struggling to hang on the doors and there are empty seats in the matatu. Some normally want to look cool as we hear. Really?

Asking if the matatu is going to town and it clearly has a board written so- this is normally so funny and if we can recall there were memes of these going round. You ask the conductor and he responds in a sarcastic way which may sound rude but it’s not. It’s just annoying to ask that and it is quite clear.

Hitting passengers with your baggage on their hair/heads etc. - this is specifically for ladies. You are all dolled up with Mac Foundation and the highlight is popping then a lady who is almost alighting comes with force and slaps your face with her handbag and your make up is just a total mess. Just alight gently and spare people’s heads, shoulders and hair!


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