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Craziest cravings women have during pregnancy

 With hormonal fluctuations women crave the weirdest things (Photo: Courtesy)

Pregnancy can be a very odd experience for some women. Many have a smooth, stress-free journey but for others, it comes with some strange new habits.

A common thing that pregnant women experience is cravings. With all the hormonal fluctuations going on, you find yourself wanting certain things almost every day.

Although most of the time these cravings come from the pregnancy hormones, they can also indicate a certain deficiency.

While there are common cravings like chips from a specific restaurant or a cool glass of orange juice daily, some women find themselves wanting some of the strangest foods and snack combinations like the ones on this list.

Read on:

Very burnt toast

There’s nothing as terrible as burnt toast. Even if you try to mask the strong taste with peanut butter or jam, it doesn’t usually work.

But when it comes to pregnancy cravings, you would be surprised to find that very burnt toast is a delicacy. Some women choose to leave the toast in the oven for a couple of extra minutes until it’s perfectly black and then spread some peanut butter on it for a complete snack.


Some soaps can smell like a yummy bubblegum milkshake or raspberry ice-cream but you would never think of eating them. Would you?

Well, turns out some pregnant women have.

In some situations though, when your body is getting some weird cravings you can be tempted to smell or lick soapy foams, bar soaps or even laundry detergent.

It’s certainly not advisable to eat soap whether you’re pregnant or not so if you get an uncontrollable urge, you should probably try your best to distract your mind or contact your doctor to check if there is a certain deficiency.

 Cravings will make you eat sugar in almost every meal (Photo: Courtesy)
Sugar in food

I love to experiment with different recipes in the kitchen but sugar is one I avoid. During my amateur days, I attempted to see how sugar would blend in a meal I was making and let me tell you, it was gross.

Basically, very few meals taste good with sugar in them. It’s something that most people prefer to preserve for desserts.

But for some pregnant women, the flavor of sugar in food is like the greatest thing ever. Although, I’m sure later on it’s something they would never want to try again.

Raw onions and peanut butter

Although onions are a popular craving for many women during pregnancy, combining them with peanut butter is one of the strangest combinations out there.

It’s hard to imagine that the strong taste of raw onions with the nutty flavor in peanut butter mix well but for some, this works.

Moth balls

This is a craving that could indicate a deficiency in the body for sure. Some women find themselves obsessively fantasizing about eating moth balls but don’t actually eat them but others might get too tempted to resist.

In this case, you should avoid inhaling or eating moth balls at all costs. It’s very toxic and could lead to serious health problems for you and the baby.

In case it’s an uncontrollable craving, you need to seek help as soon as possible.

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