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Reproductive health: Why you keep having yeast infections

 Although many women get this infection at least once in their lives, there is a percentage that struggles with a chronic form of infection [Courtesy]

Yeast infections are some of the most common problems that women experience. The most direct symptom that confirms you have an infection is the thick, white discharge, along with other signs like itchiness and soreness.

Although many women get this infection at least once in their lives, there is a percentage that struggles with a chronic form of infection. When you notice that you keep going for medication multiple times a year, there is a problem.

But the positive thing is that the reasons for recurrent infections are known. And you can make some changes to stop this annoying infection from coming back or at least understand why it's happening.

These are some of the reasons why your yeast infections have been resistant and what you can do about it.

Poor hygiene practices

Although our bodies are strong and can withstand a lot, certain areas are still very sensitive like the vaginal area. A wrong move can trigger so many infections and you need to handle it with care.

Some of the habits that might be contributing to the problem are wiping back to front, inadequate cleaning, especially in the folds, and douching.

Don't be embarrassed if you haven't been cleaning correctly because it takes time to learn the right technique. Just research tutorials and listen to advise from doctors on what you should and shouldn't do for a healthy, infection-free vagina.

Wearing tight clothes

Some of the trendiest outfits that we see a lot are tights, tight shorts, and figure-hugging trousers. They might look cute but they don't help when it comes to preventing yeast infections.

When you wear these clothes, your vagina isn't able to breathe, and where there is a lot of sweat and moisture, allowing candida to thrive.

This should encourage you to pick more free-flowing clothes for your everyday wear. And if you need to wear some of them, like gym tights, don't have them on for too long.

Wearing wrong underwear

This specifically needs more attention because the wrong panties can still trigger an infection even when you wear breathable clothes.

Materials like nylon and spandex should be avoided because they are two of the biggest culprits. Stick to natural materials like cotton and also, always ensure your innerwear is fully dry and clean before wearing.

 Materials like nylon and spandex should be avoided because they are two of the biggest culprits [Courtesy]

You have a resistant strain

Resistant strains don't easily respond to diet and lifestyle changes. They're also a big problem because they will keep coming back even after you've been on the common yeast infection treatments.

This type of yeast needs a different approach. You need to get tested so that you can get a stronger type of treatment for it to completely go away.

You have underlying health problems

Certain illnesses can also make your body more susceptible to infections. A common one is uncontrolled diabetes which can create an environment where yeast infections develop easily.

This infection can also recur if you're on certain medications. Some medication can weaken your immunity, which then causes yeast infections to appear more easily.

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