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Nine home remedies to prevent vomiting

 Vomiting can be a sign of an upset stomach (Photo: Shutterstock)

Vomiting is one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can ever experience. It can be a sign of various medical conditions but it can also be caused by something you ate or stomach discomfort. 

Before rushing to hospital, you can use a couple of home remedies to see if it will ease the feeling. 

Nausea can be caused by a range of issues which can be easily established and treated at home. Examples include extremely high temperatures, pregnancy, indigestion, motion sickness, medication, stress, anxiety amongst others. 

Establishing the cause of nausea will help in the process of preparing the best remedy for it. These remedies are safe for both children and adults as they do not require any medication or consumption of anything that would be harmful to children. 

As much as we try our best to be okay, some days things just go south and we end up feeling sick. However, it’s not always that serious for you to have to visit your doctor. 

Below are some easy and quick remedies for you to use at the comfort of your home with readily available items to prevent vomiting. 

A cold drink

Sometimes nausea is not caused by what we have consumed but high temperatures which can cause you to feel like throwing up. 

We have all experienced the heat waves and for sure they made us feel sick. If excess heat is causing you to feel like vomiting you can remove excess clothing and opt for a cold drink. This can also be used for other causes of nausea.

Eat light

If you feel the need to eat and you have been experiencing episodes of nausea, make sure to keep the meals light. If you are able to consume fruits and vegetables this will be better for you. Heavy meals will just make you feel worse and end up throwing up.

Avoid fried, greasy or over sweetened foods

Sometimes foods that are too oily or too sweet can cause you to feel like vomiting. We have all experienced this. Consuming such foods when you are feeling nauseated can only make the feeling worse. If you can have fat free or sugar free foods it will make you feel better. Eat those instead.

 Drink cold water to get relief from nausea (Photo: Shutterstock)

Eat slowly

The worst thing you would do when feeling nauseated is to consume your meals quickly. Take time to relax in between the bites. This is very common with kids. Sometimes they are in such a rush to finish up their meal and go back to play so they end up feeling like throwing up during the meal or actually end up throwing up.

Drink beverages only

If you are not able to stomach any food and the feeling is not going away, consume beverages only. Make sure they are not warm or hot as this will worsen the feeling. But since your body needs nutrients you can have cold fruit juice and plenty of water instead.

Avoid intense activities after eating

Vigorous activities after eating can cause you to feel like vomiting. If you’re already experiencing nausea, take some time to relax after your meal to allow it to settle down well. Even after this avoid too much activity that can trigger nausea especially driving if you experience motion sickness.

Do some breathing exercises

Breathing exercise is one of the best remedies for nausea. You just need to take deep breaths and exhale slowly. This will work wonders in calming you down thus reducing the feeling of throwing up.

Avoid brushing your teeth at the moment

Nausea sometimes causes us to feel like our mouth is stale. But the worst thing you can do is brush your teeth. This will only trigger your gag reflex which will result in you throwing up.

Deal with the indigestion

Indigestion can cause you to feel like throwing up. Using hot water or two tablespoons of baking soda mixed in water will relieve the indigestion and you will stop feeling like throwing up.

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