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8 signs you need to break up with your salonist now


A visit to the salon encompasses a therapy session while being transformed into that image you have created and fantasized about in your head. It is a moment many women look forward to spending hours and countless money to look good. Unfortunately, there are times you leave worse than you came in, something too many of us know well about. Could that be a sign to ditch your salonist? Chances are yes.

Here are 8 red flags you should be on the lookout for.  

Communication lines are down

Considering how ‘close’ you have now become, she is accustomed to your routine and will stop asking about your style preference despite your request for a change of hairstyle. And even when you tell her, she still disregards and does what she wants. In short, she stops taking instructions from you because she thinks she knows best.

You end with something you never wanted

Those are the last words you should utter or think to yourself as you leave the salon after all the effort. Whether it’s a cut or color it should be done to your specification and guidance.


For obvious reasons, women dread going for trims. Whether it is because it could mean different things to different people, you should at no one point go home with three inches of hair missing. A trim should be just that, a trim. More so for your split ends.

Over socializing

At times boundaries are crossed and salonists forget what brought them to work. If she’s more engrossed on talking about your personal life than working on your hair it is time to find another salonist.


It is true what they say. If they are discussing other clients in your presence chances are they discuss you too when you’re absent. And not in very flattering words. That is their true character and you should pick up on that.

Too distracted

If it’s not a silly soap opera on TV, it’s either their constantly ringing phone or some juicy story that she can’t get enough of. If you’re in the dryer she forgets to check up on you even after the timer goes off or she leaves your head half way through the braiding to pick a call or reply texts.

Excessive use of heat

With more sisters going natural their worst nightmare is heat damage from blow dry’s and other styling tools. This after giving strict instructions on how you want your hair straightened, with or without the use of heat. She will also do so without using any heat protectant and for sure she will cook your strands without a care in the world.

She double books

This has to be one of the most annoying habits by hair dressers. After calling and booking an appointment, you still find her with another client. She will convince you not to go and have you sit through hours as you wait for her to finish.


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