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How to offer support to a loved one who has been financially abused

Girl Talk
 Allow them to release the depth of shock, pain and disappointment they feel (Shutterstock)

Here are a few of the ways one can assist a friend who has gone through financial abuse, according to counseling psychologist Monicah Kagori:

1.     Allow the person to vent

Permit the person to speak uninterrupted. Allow them to release the depth of shock, pain and disappointment they feel and do not reprimand them for sounding naïve

2.     Check for any kind of documentation

Look for any documentation that would act as proof of transaction. See if the same can be used to recover what has been lost

With proper documentation showing proof of transaction, some assets might be recoverable. Take your friend through the process of tracing what can be traced and recovering what can be recovered

3.     Walk them through the journey to recovery

The emotional turmoil that comes with such an experience can sometimes lead to depression if left unchecked.

Check on your friend and advice them to seek the assistance of a psychologist if things are getting of hand.

If possible, show them cases of other women who have been conned and recovered, so that they don’t feel like theirs is an isolated case.

4.     Help talk them out of guilt

The root cause of depression in such instances is guilt. The victim wonders how they allowed things to get so out of hand.

They blame themselves for the being in the pit they find themselves in. Help the person process the pain without permitting self-condemnation.


Monicah adds that it is important for victims to identify the best person to talk to as not all friends understand how to handle such matters with wisdom.

“As tough as such an encounter can be, one can use it to help others stay woke. All is not lost, there is a silver lining for every dark cloud,” she concludes.

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