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Four signs that show your male bestie has feelings for you

Girl Talk

When it comes to friendships, it’s okay to have friends of the opposite sex but it can prove difficult to maintain such a relationship. This is because one may develop feelings and want to be more than friends especially for the ladies with male friends. It’s not easy for a woman to have a male friend; just a few are able to sustain their platonic friendship.  Either they are married, in a serious committed relationship and keep the boundaries as promised. 

Despite having boundaries set, there are still male friends that don’t want to be friend zoned. Here is how to know your male bestie wants you!

He introduces you as his ‘girlfriend’ and claims it was a joke!

There are some male friends that have already visualized their lives with you. Anytime you are out with his family or friends and they all want to know who this girl is? He will introduce you as his ‘girlfriend’ or ‘wife to be’ and later claims he was joking. That was not a joke, it communicated he already is seeing a future with you as a girlfriend.

The way he looks at you

Yes, we all know men are visual creature but if he always gives you these deep stares when you are together, there is something more to it. An eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be. If you have been wondering why he gives you those looks or caught him staring uncontrollably, just know there is something that is building up in his heart.



He talks negative when you share how some guy is interested in you

There is no man that wants to hear or see another man drooling over a woman they have always wanted in their lives forever. They can fight, hurt each other and even spend lots of money to win the ladies’ hearts. Since you share everything with him, you know its okay to open about this eye-candy that has wowed you because it’s only friendship matters. But some of these male friends end up feeling offended and talking negative which questions a lot.

He is always buying you gifts/goodies

It’s okay when he gifts you but there should be a limit because you are friends. Life events like your birthday, friendship anniversary or graduation, its fine but not all the time.

 Is he always surprising you with gifts when you meet? Is he sending deliveries when at work/school? Is That could be communicating, he is head over heels for you!

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