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Six style tips to slay on a rainy day

Fashion Tips
 Showers don’t spell out gloom and doom as long as you choose what you will wear wisely (Shutterstock)

Unless you enjoy walking around in soaking wet toes and shoes, you always must be ready for the rainy weather.

It’s true there are those days rain gets you off guard but if you can help it, choose what you will wear wisely.

Showers don’t spell out gloom and doom. If anything, there is so much you can do to keep yourself warm, look cute and especially keep your hair dry and styled the same way you did before you left the house.

Good thing is, there is so much inspiration going round if only you look at the right places.

Whether you want to keep things sporty, sophisticated or chilled, your clothing choices should take center stage.

Here, we look at a few styling tips on how you can slay when it decides to pour.

1.Layer up

It is always a good idea to put on more pieces especially if the weather app has confirmed the temperatures will take a dip and there will be rain.

A heavy long-sleeved top worn underneath your sweater and jacket will keep you warm enough. Throw on a scarf to cover your chest area and you have a perfect look to pair with your jeans and boots.

Good thing is, when it gets hot you can always remove a few pieces and still look cute.

2.Grab a jacket

Umbrellas are awesome, yes, but sometimes they don’t keep your outfits dry. Let’s not even get to the feet which are always almost drenched in water no matter the size of your brolly.

On your way out grab a rain coat or jacket. Not only do they keep you warm but they keep you dry too. A black or navy-blue jacket works with almost every outfit but if you’re feeling extra, feel free to experiment with different colors and designs.

3.Proper footwear

The right shoes will keep you dry without compromising on your style. Rubber loafers and rain boots will accent your rainy-day outfits.

Short or long boots will add some glam and if paired right, they can transform your outfit to an edgy piece especially if you go for thigh high boots.

4.Go for sneakers

Not everyone cares for boots and if this is you, sneakers are a great option if you want to dress down and keep it casual.

Pick an old pair of sneakers you are not scared of getting dirty and pair them with your jeans or sweat pants. White sneakers are a big no because they get easily stained.

5.Statement trench coats

If you feel like your outfit is missing a little something, throw on a statement trench coat or blazer. This is a quick trick to take your outfit to the next level.

Besides keeping you warm, it will tie in your whole entire look to look sharp. If it feels to flowy for your liking throw on a belt to cinch and define your waist.

6.Light accessories

Just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your accessories altogether. Neither does it mean being too flashy.

Keep it minimal. Midi rings and a simple neckpiece will get the job done right. Considering you will be walking around with an umbrella, your fingers should match your fly.

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