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#FashionTips: Five rules to live by when wearing chunky accessories

Fashion Tips
 Let your one chunky piece shine and stand out (Pinterest)

Chunky accessories are bold and literally big, obviously not everyone’s cup of tea. They demand a certain kind of fashion discipline in order to pull off the look. They are not just the kind of accessories you wake up in the morning, throw on and leave. You have to think about your outfit, match it upfront and only add a chunky piece to gauge the final look.

Although putting them on may seem tedious but the final look always pays off and you will keep heads turning in admiration.

Chunky accessories are easy to pull off, you only need to keep the following rules in mind:

Minimize on other accessories

When working with chunky accessories, be it a bangle, dangling earrings or a necklace in order for them to stand out and play their part you need to keep other accessories on the minimum. Let your one chunky piece shine and stand out.

When you want everything else to stand out you may end up looking tacky and unsure of what you are doing.

One chunky at a time

I cannot stress this rule more, when rocking chunky accessories always go for one at a time. If you decide to work with a chunky necklace, do not put on your dangling necklaces plus your extra-large bangles. You may end up looking like a clown.

Maybe you can get away with a chunky necklace paired with chunky bangles but when it comes to the neck area, do not mix chunky necklaces with chunky earrings.

 Chunky necklaces look better when dressed with bare shoulders (Pinterest)

Be wary of your outfit

When it comes to matching your accessories to your outfits, always be wary of the designs. Not all pieces in your closet will match with accessories or are even meant for accessories. Chunky necklaces look better when dressed with bare shoulders, like when putting on off shoulders.

However dangling earrings look better when you put on turtlenecks, it spices up the long and dull outfit. Also you don’t expect to put on chunky bangles with long sleeved blouses or coats, when will you show off the bangle?

Go for clothes with solid colours

This is the golden rule to wearing chunky accessories. Always go for solid colours, avoid prints and patterns. Your chunky accessories are vintage in a way and are already extra, when you do printed outfits the final look will be too heavy and confused.

Solid colours are plain and subtle and they will let your chunky accessory to all the talking and shining. They will also draw attention from your boring top or dress. Chunky accessories can come in handy when you want to keep your clothes simple but still look like a million dollars.

Hair up always

Last but not least, your hair should always be up. Forget every other rule but this one. Whether you are in braids or your natural hair, always keep your hair up when wearing chunky accessories. If you have short hair, the better.

Having your hair down will take the spotlight from your chunky accessories. When you pull your hair up it leaves your neck bare giving more room for your accessories to shine. Furthermore, when you leave your hair loose it is likely to get tangled in the accessories which might get uncomfortable. 

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