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How to hide bra straps

Fashion Tips
 A visible bra strap can ruin a perfect outfit (Shutterstock)

One of the most annoying things that ruin an outfit is a visible bra strap.

Your cute dress or top might be popping but so are those straps that are hard to miss.

Disguising bra straps isn’t always easy. I’ve tried tucking mine in at one point thinking it would work but surprise, surprise, it did not!

There were bulges all over and the bra wouldn’t stay in place for the entire day. Once I discovered these lifesaving hacks, I’ve never looked back.

Get a bra clip

It’s a simple hook that can be adjusted depending on what outfit you’re wearing. You can hook it at the front to bring the straps in or at the back as well.

With some outfits you’ll need to hook both at the front and at the back. It’s great for different types of vests and shoulder dresses.

If you can’t find any bra clips, you can try a paper clip to hold your straps in place. It’s not the best option but it works too.

Wear invisible straps

These are literally sold everywhere so you can easily find them. They’re basically transparent straps that blend in with your skin tone.

Of course people can see them but they’re a much better option than colored ones.

Cross the straps

Unhook both straps at the front, cross over and hook to the opposite side. This will give you a crossed design which will easily be disguised in shoulder dresses or tops that don’t have an exposed back.

Your bra will stay in place all day and no one will spot the straps.

 Disguising bra straps isn’t always easy (Shutterstock)
Get a decorative bra strap

The main advantage with these is that they’ll blend easily with your outfit. They come in embellished designs, unique colors and other interesting designs which won’t look off at all when you wear them.

Anyone who spots them will actually think they’re part of your look.

Hook one strap

For this hack, remove one strap then stretch out the other remain one to a comfortable length. Hook that strap to the other side so that it runs behind your neck.

This works for halter designs because the strap will blend in easily around the neck.

Use safety pins

If your straps keep falling off and moving around, you could keep them in place with safety pins. You need to align the bra straps with the straps of your top or dress, then delicately hook the pins through but not all the way to the other side.

That will prevent the pin from sticking out. The safety pin hack only works well on thicker materials though.

Stock up on stick on and strapless bras

Bras that haven’t been designed to be strapless aren’t usually comfortable when you try wearing them without the straps.

The bra won’t stay in place and you’ll be forced to keep adjusting it. To avoid the stress, just buy some strapless and adhesive bras that you can wear with strapless dresses and tops.

And, always go for quality because some of the stick-ons loosen after a short while.

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