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How to plan a family vacation and stay safe during the pandemic

Leisure and Travel
 It is important to take precaution when going on family vacations now (Image: Shutterstock)

As traveling post-Covid becomes official, many of us are doing so with a vengeance to make up for lost time.

We want to go out and enjoy the sun without a care in the world but with Covid everything has become complicated. Caution has to be exercised. We must keep six meters apart when outdoors, wear masks and keep our sanitizers close to mitigate risks.

With all that trouble it makes you question if going outside the safety of your home with children especially is worth it?

Then again, we can’t spend all our lives in fear and locked up in our homes. Life must continue and when an opportunity to travel presents itself we should grab it with both hands.

Things will be a little different this time round due to restrictions and all the regulations that must be adhered to but that doesn’t stop the fun.

Here is how to plan a family holiday factoring in all the safety measures during these tough unpredictable times:

Look out for travel restrictions

At rate at which they claim the virus is mutating, the fear of contracting a new variant is being driven down our throats every day. Because of this, new rules and restrictions can pop up out of nowhere affecting your travel.

To avoid disappointments, find out the recommendations and guidelines in the country you will be traveling to, passing through and also those of your home country.

This way you will be able to make safer decisions for your family before making any arrangements and payments.

Be wary of crowded places

To recover from lost business, many hotels are offering discounts to encourage more visitors. As people take advantage of these opportunities, hotels may be crowded than usual. Although the have taken proper precautions, they still remain high risk areas.

It is better to choose resorts that have private villas and pools especially because of the children. Better yet, Airbnb’s and cabins in remote areas work best. Find out what their safety measures are first then book.

 Pack a safety bag with all your pandemic essentials (Image: Shutterstock)
Have a safety bag

Traveling with children calls for extra precaution during these current times we’re living in. before living, put together a pandemic essentials bag.

This should include extra masks, sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, hand soap and whatever else you think you may need.

If you’re traveling by road, it is a good idea to carry enough snacks, water and any other beverages your children enjoy to avoid unnecessary stopovers.

Alert your children

Do not make the assumption that you and your children are on the same page when it comes to safety. Help them understand the need of wearing a mask, washing their hands and social distancing especially in crowded areas.

For the younger kids you may want to play out different scenarios so they can fully grasp the seriousness and urgency of what you are trying to put across.

Find out everyone’s risk factor

According to authorities, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are at high risk of contracting covid.

Seek advice from your doctor should you be traveling with old parents or family members who may be at high risk before making the decision to travel.

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