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What you need to know before installing dreadlocks

 If patience is one of your weaknesses, you might want to rethink growing dreadlocks (Shutterstock)

There has been a positive gradual change in attitude towards dreadlocks in our society and this warmness has encouraged more people to embrace this hairstyle.

Dreadlocks are more sought after because of their low maintenance. It will save you both money and time. However, before you under-take this journey, here are a few pointers you may want to consider.

       Embrace patience

If patience is one of your weaknesses, you might want to rethink growing dreadlocks.

You should know that first time installing dreadlocks will take you some hours in the salon, at least five hours.

For the dreadlocks to take shape, you will need at least three months and a few visits to your hairdresser.

The real mark of patience is in growing your dreadlocks. Hair does not grow long in a fortnight and so do dreads. It will take you years to get those dreads falling on your back.

       Locks are not versatile

Styling tips for dreadlocks is quite limited; it is not as versatile as normal hairdressing styles. This hair style can get monotonous for some people.

However, as much as dreadlocks do not offer a lot of options, some of the potential ways to style them may include braiding the locks and dying the locks with different hair colors.

 Dreadlocks are more sought after because of their low maintenance (Shutterstock)
       Not all hairdressers are dreadlocks specialists

It takes a different skill set to make dreadlocks. Before you decide on putting dreadlocks on, get an experienced locks hairdresser. They will advise you on the products and procedures to use for your specific hair texture and hair type as this will help in achieving the right thickness and uniformity for your locks from the beginning.

Experienced locks hairdresser are also faster in fixing and retouching dreadlocks.

       Dreadlocks need care

Neat and presentable dreadlocks are a result of frequent hair care routine.

Dreadlocks need to be washed, dried, retouched and oiled. For healthy hair growth, consult your hairdresser on products and procedures you will need to keep your locks in perfect shape.

Remember, unkempt dreads can be a breeding area for pests such as lice.


As much as dreadlocks are now being embraced by many, there are still beliefs and taboos associated with having dreadlocks.

People assume that you are a Rastafarian, and will most often ask you about it. For some, locks are somehow associated with rebelliousness and as thus you need to brace yourself for questions and negative comments.


It is not the corporate look, at least, not in many organizations. Corporate companies are yet to embrace this hairstyle. It is particularly punishing to the male gender. You might have to shave the locks to keep your job.

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