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I once hooked him up with my friend


BRIDE: Lavina Masinde

GROOM: David Owalla              

DATE:  August 15, 2015


VENUE: Nairobi Gospel Assembly Church

BUDGET: Sh400,000


We first met at a friend’s wedding seven years ago (2008). We became friends for a few months, then he started saying he wanted us to get married. Since I wasn’t ready for marriage, we had to part ways.


It was on my birthday in July 2013. He offered to take me out for dinner and also invited a few of my friends. After the dinner he proposed but I didn’t take him seriously at first because every time he talked about getting married I used to tell him that God will one day bless him with a life partner but not me. I remember hooking him up with one of my friends but he did not even give it a try. I came up with many excuses to drive him away but he never gave up on me.


Having gone through a trying moment, we decided to plan our wedding just the two of us and our best couple. We decided to use the little cash we had for the most important things but of course we had a few friends who stood with us.

I remember on the eve of the wedding there were some things which were yet to be delivered like meat, rice and flour. We were forced to go collect them and deliver to church before going to rest.

We were also forced to change our best couple the last minute. It was not easy though we managed.

The car that was to ferry the bride had to be changed the last minute due to unavoidable reasons. We however, made it to church on time.



I don’t think there is anything we  would have done differently.

For young couples planning a wedding, work with what you have and don’t rely on people so much to avoid stress and disappointments the last minute.

Don’t depend too much on other people. They might end up ruining your day.

Avoid too many advisers as too many cooks spoil the broth.


When we finally exchanged our vows. We knew a journey had begun.


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