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The 4 major first time sex etiquettes your man shouldn't forget

Between The Sheets


First time sex etiquette
 First time sex etiquette


This particular Saturday, Job was going to eat the cookies; he was going to pop Joan’s cookies for the first time.

Joan knew very well she was going to make a hanky panky foray.

She was going to sprawl across the bed behind locked doors for this Apollonian beauty.

All this while, Job tried to find Joan’s weak point to make her spread out for him, but she instinctively refused!

He jabbed and jabbed using all sweet flirtatious comments, but she proved her innerwear was too hard to drop!

The day was finally here.

Everything looked so juicy and set for sex supremo. Joan made sure she covered every blade of the bed. She wanted to distill her six months of sexless dating into a night of passion to compensate; to fulfill her womanly role and in crux, give Job what he’d longed for; bedroom voodoo!

That is what most people go through on the first day of planned sex; nervousness!

Most women get really nervous before sleeping with someone new for the first time. They are consumed with what is called: performance anxiety, slut factor and whether or not you’re going to call the next day.

First time sex is often anticipated with lots of positive fantasies. However this is not always how it goes down.

Despite this, there are first-time sex etiquette rules you should abide by if you want her to come back for more.

1. Set the mood for sex

Choice of location should be genius: somewhere relaxed and private. It reduces tension and anxiety. You can engage soft music, darker shades of light such as red, mild yellow et al. You as the bloke are the main driver, and you should rush nothing.

The lady needs to be astronomically psychologically prepared to swim by a man who is fit and full of vitality.

2. Foreplay, affection, and telling women how amazing and gorgeous they are

Just as important, you being inveterate selfish in bed will not make them come back for more. And if she does do something as hideously embarrassing as cut her leg and bleed over your bed, have the decency to laugh it off. Or at least get her a plaster.

Foreplay helps in staging the mood and arousing your woman apropos to good sex. What happens when a man rushes to penetrate a first-time lady is that she becomes anxious and her muscles become tense making penetration hard, and making first-time sex lose its oomph.

3. Post-coital cuddling is crucial.

Women are emotional beings, especially after sex. The worst thing you can do is roll over and go straight to sleep. The hardest thing about first-time sex is that you’re not yet used to each other’s bodies, rhythm and preferences.

I have female friends that find it impossible to climax with a new man the first few times they have sex.

It’s an emotional act for women, not just physical. So, if she doesn’t finish and you do, do not worry. What will bother women is if you haven’t even tried.

4. Appreciate her for good sex

It’s not easy for a woman to give herself sexually to a new man for the first time. After she’s fed you with drippingly scrumptious, massively frenetic sex that will have your mum fainting in horror, the best thing you can do is, say, “thank you honey for that meltdown. I really appreciate your ‘miss glory’”

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