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Why you should not skip that sunscreen step

 These five reasons might convince you why it's very important to include sunscreen in your skincare collection [Courtesy, iStock]

In 2022 we still hear debates all the time on whether sunscreen has any benefits. Ultimately, whether you choose to apply it is a personal choice, but, there is enough support for applying sunscreen especially if you're outdoors a lot.

The main concern, which is real, about sunscreen is the chemicals that could potentially cause cancer. But that shouldn't totally put you off because there are still better brands that have eliminated those toxic chemicals and there are articles all over the internet on the sunscreens that have been flagged. Do your research and identify the sunscreens to keep off.

Now that that's out of the way, there are many reasons why you shouldn't be ignoring the need to apply it. These five reasons might convince you why it's very important to include one in your skincare collection.

It protects against cancer

Some people still think that Africans or dark-skinned people don't need to wear sunscreen. We do have a lot of melanin which protects our skin better but, we are still at risk if we expose ourselves directly to UV rays. It's even riskier because melanoma in darker-skinned people can be hard to spot early.

So, sunscreen helps because it serves as a protective barrier against skin cancer when applied regularly and correctly.

It helps treat hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the excessive darkening of the skin when additional melanin is produced. It can occur on the face or any other part of the body and although harmless, it can be quite stubborn to treat.

There are different causes of hyperpigmentation but sun exposure can exacerbate the darkening. Dermatologists often recommend the consistent application of sunscreen, which forms a protective layer on the skin to treat darkened areas.

 Having a skincare routine, especially after 25 is essential [Courtesy, iStock]

It enhances the effectiveness of your skincare routine

Having a skincare routine, especially after 25 is essential. We buy a lot of serums, creams and washes to treat different conditions and maintain healthy skin.

But you have to remember that if you don't apply sunscreen whenever you're outdoors, even on cold days, you could be sabotaging the effectiveness of your routines.

You will end up in an annoying cycle of treating the damage done while you exposed your skin to direct sunlight, which isn't what you want.

It prevents premature ageing

Looking older than we really are is never the thing that we desire. In fact, we spend a lot of time and money trying to get that youthful glow, which shows how important youth is to us.

One of the best ways to preserve your skin, if at all you choose not to do anything else, is applying sunscreen. The sun's UV rays often cause wrinkling and other types of damage which will eventually make you look unusually old.

It also blocks artificial UV

These days it's very trendy to get artificial nails. This process often involves putting your hands under a UV lamp multiple times and that can be damaging for your skin.

It is now recommended that you apply sunscreen before getting these treatments that involve UV exposure. This might not be the end-all solution but, it has significant benefits for your skin.

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